Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This Caught My Eye

While out working yesterday morning this scene caught my eye. Like a lot of other places in the country right now, it's been very humid here so mornings are very dewey and damp. The dampness coupled with the rising sun highlighted this spider web adjacent to a home I was inspecting. Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool.
On another note... I just love summer and hate to see it quickly slipping away. Last night on my way back home I stopped at Smith's Farm Market and picked up some locally home grown sweet corn to go along with the pork chop/steaks that Tammy had pulled out for dinner. We then went over to my mom and dad's, who are currently vacationing/sight-seeing in Canada/PEI/Nova Scotia with out youngest daughter, Lindsey, and hit their garden for some fresh vegies - tomatoes, green beans, and zucchini. I grilled the zucchini along with the pork chops and Tammy boiled the sweet corn. It was a deliciously fresh dinner.
So, summer's quickly slipping away. We spent a lovely long weekend up at the cabin in Glennie, MI and floated the beautiful AuSable River last weekend. Next week we'll be in Ludington, MI for my annual salmon fishing trip on Lake Michigan with my dad except, my dad won't be there this year. He had to go and throw this big Canadian trip right into our normal fishing itinerary buggering up MY summer! Sheesh, the nerve of the guy!?! So, you'll be missed dad, but I'm goin' anyway. I may get to visit with some RA (RunningAhead - an online running forum/community/logging site I use) folks over on that side of the state like Zoomy. That'd be cool.


Mar said...

Gorgeous shot, Rick. I hear ya about summer but I'm actually glad to see some sign that it's ending. Our weather has been incredibly hot so I'm looking forward to the cooler temps.

Your dinner sounds scrumptious! We had hot dogs last night LOL

Enjoy your fishing trip and have fun meeting the other RA'ers! I'm jealous:)

Rick said...

Mar ~ I guess, since I haven't been running, that the hot temps have been welcomed by me, though we don't get the searing heat that y'all do consistently. I much prefer it over the crap I ran in last winter! Though, I know it is a struggle to run in the heat and humidity. Hopefully I'll remember what that's like soon. Hey, hot dogs have pork in them too (among other things), so it's almost like you grilled pork chops?!? On the pork note... I'm still bummed that Sherby's closed. :(

Mom on the Run said...

I'm not ready for summer to end. Kate goes back to school next Wednesday!! Oh, to have the no school before Labor Day law!!

We're heading up to Grand Haven for one last long weekend - coming home Monday. When are you heading to Ludington?

Dinner sounded good! We had pork chops on the grill last night, too, just without the awesome veggies.

Rick said...

We're leaving for Ludington on Sunday and will be there Sunday afternoon.