Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Morning Soaker

Actually, the last two mornings now, Tammy and I have headed out the door in the rain for a lovely rain run. We did 4.1 miles yesterday in a light rain, with near perfect running conditions, and 3.1 this morning in a soaking rain, which was just an absolute blast. Looks like we'll need to get used to it too because the forecast for the next week is for rain. This was my highest mileage week since getting back to running at 19.4 miles. I can't express how happy I am to be getting back out there. I am really looking forward to running the Komen 5K Race for the Cure with my whole family at the end of this month! Did you know you can contribute/donate to the cause by pledging us in our race through our family's fundraising page?

Tammy's aunt saw us running by this morning and came out on her porch to editorialize on our *passion* for running given the monsoon conditions we were running in this morning. Something like "Ok, your exercising has truly gone over the top now." Apparently she hasn't read about my first marathon race experience? Compared to that, this mornings run was divine! Have a great balance of your weekend!

Karen, thank you for the very kind comment on my last post. I really appreciate it. It's an honor and a blessing to be able to serve in that capacity.


Kirsten said...

Running in warm rain is awesome! Though I am sort of putting it off today. I'm just beat. I only need to do a pace 5, but right now a pace pillow sounds better...taper cannot come soon enough!


I love seeing your weekly mileage increase! Got any plans to do another marathon in the future (next time on two unbroken legs, of course)?

Rick said...

The last couple of mornings have been awesome.

Umm... perhaps if you got off the dern computer and went to bed a little earlier you wouldn't be feeling so sluggish?!? Just teasin' ya! I know the training gets grueling.

Thanks, K! I love seeing my weekly mileage increase too! Yeah! I'm going to shoot for the Columbus Marathon next October. Hopefully on 0 (zero) broken legs! :-P We'll see what unfolds though.