Saturday, March 14, 2009

Long Train Runnin'

This post has absolutely nothing to do with The Doobie Brothers, though I do love their stuff. Tammy and I did what was kind of our first long training run in preparation for the Bayshore Half Marathon we are running Memorial Day Weekend up in Traverse City, MI. I say kind of because we had done a run of just under 7 miles a couple of weeks ago. This morning, on a beautiful, crisp, sunny morning, Tammy and I headed out with the intentions of doing 7 or 8 miles. I had run the past 2 days and she a longish 6 miles yesterday, so I didn't know how our bodies would be feeling today.

Both of us felt pretty good so we did end up stretching this mornings run to 8 miles. This is her second longest run that I am aware of and my longest run since the grueling disaster that was my first marathon almost a year ago. I thought for sure I would have some leg pain, but had none! Yeah! She felt really good. We averaged about 10:13/mile, which was right in the ballpark of where I wanted us to be. It was a glorious, sunshiny, brisk morning, perfect for a long run. When I reflect on the longer runs I did last year in preparation for the marathon, I am really thankful to be running them now with Tammy. The run seemed to go by so much more quickly than they did last year. She's doing great too. Her stride and gait are so smooth and easy and she has great stamina. Most of the time I am pulling in the reigns on her to keep her from pushing the pace! I am so looking forward to running this half marathon with her.

Tomorrow we are volunteering at the Churchill's Half Marathon. Have some giving back to do. I think that will be possibly more fun than running the race. Looking forward to serving at the race.


Kirsten said...

Good thing I don't run with you'd be smokin' me! My typical easy pace seems to hover around 11-11:30.

Can't wait to see you both in TC! Just 10 more weeks!


Mom on the Run said...

I love that you and Tammy are running together. I probably won't get Steve to run with me (although he has been doing a bit) but I think biking together may end up being our thing.

I hope you had a great time volunteering. Definitely on my to-do list. Hope the weather where you are is as nice as it is here.

Alan said...

What a treat to get spend the alone time and run with your wife. Soak it up my friend!

Rick said...

I most certainly am, Alan. Great to hear from you, my friend. It is a tremendous blessing to be able to share this hobby together with Tammy and I can't wait to run our first half together (and see Kirsten and the other RA geeks) up in Traverse City. We did have a great time volunteering, Karen. It was an awesome day.

Mike Fox said...

Rick - Great to hear that you did not have leg pain on the 8 miler!!! And awesome to hear that you are running these longer distances with Tammy. I've done some shorter runs with Sherry - but she has no interest in running anything longer than a 5K. I'm hoping to turn Doron onto running - although I think the longest I have gotten him to run is 3/4 of a mile (what more can I expect from a 6 year old, right??)

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