Sunday, January 13, 2008

Toledo Jazz Orchestra's Tribute to Maynard Ferguson

This doesn't have a lot to do with running, but I went to the Toledo Jazz Orchestra's Tribute to Maynard Ferguson featuring Patrick Hession and Ric Wolkins with my pals from CrossRoads Community Church's worship band brass, Jeremy, Leo, and Vicki. It was phenomenal! Brought back a lot of memories of high school when we listened to the album Chameleon perpetually, the Interlochen concert, and camping road trips with Mom and Dad and Vicky listening to the album, Carnival, over and over and over again. The screaming trumpets last night courtesy of Mr. Hession and Mr. Wolkins definitely jacked me up for today's race so, I guess this does have a bit to do with running. My trumpeting pal, Leo, has run 6 marathons in his now ended running career including the Toledo, Columbus, and Boston. I've been gleaning some tips from him. My other band-pal, Vicki, is also a marathoner having done one in her college days. Dad, wish you coulda gone to the concert with us, you would have loved it!


vicki said...

That concert was so amazing!!!! I'm so glad that we were able to go and find out how we are supposed to sound! Love your blog. It's fun to follow your progress. Your description of the pain brings back memories. Have fun!

Rick said...

Thanks for stopping in, Vicki, and for being such an AWESOME friend! Glad I could bring you back some painful memories! Hehehe! I'm sure I'll have MORE for you after April 13th!