Monday, May 19, 2008

Doctor Says I'm Broken

I had two doctors at the sports care facility in Toledo examine me today and they are fairly certain from the x-rays, MRI I had done, and from their physical exam of my leg that I have a stress fracture of approximately 3 cm on my distal, medial tibia (lower, inside part of my leg). They put me in a splint-type boot to wear to take the weight bearing off my lower leg bones when I am up and about, and I have some exercises to do. I will go back to see Dr. Ragan again when I get back from a tour of duty for work down in Columbus I have to do until June 6th. I leave for Columbus on Memorial Day night. If the boot has not helped with my healing, Dr. Ragan will do some more diagnostic testing, but he is fairly certain we are treating my injury appropriately now.

The bummer thing about the boot is that I can't wear it driving and my job entails a lot, like 200+ miles/day, of driving and I'm in and out of the car and do a lot of walking around. So, I will wear the boot as much as I can. I'm also restricted to light duties with the fire department. I have to use the boot 4 - 6 weeks. I can use the stationary or regular bike for cardio work as long as I don't stress the leg in higher gears or do any "spinning" type classes (no worries there - hehe).

So, there you have it. I'm out of running commission for a little while longer. Pretty wicked to think I ran (mostly) 26.2 miles with a fractured leg in snow squals, sleet, driving rain, and in freezing temperatures. No wonder I don't remember much of the end of the race.

Thank you so much everyone for your concern, your thoughts, and your prayers. I really do sincerely appreciate them, and you, all. : )


Kirsten said...

Wow, Rick, you define HTFUing. A marathon on a stress fracture...OW!

But I must say that I am glad that you finally have a diagnosis and a course of treatment. You're going to heal and be BETTER than before--I am confident.

Take care of that it. Running is going to be here when you are back to healthy. I promise to leave you some miles.


Rick said...

I am grateful, too. Time heals all wounds, right?

Thanks, k... you're the best!

jtj3 said...

A marathon on a broken leg? Dude you are my hero--I wimp out when I get a blister. Do yourself a favor and take it SLOW AND EASY--no sense in aggrevating your injury and taking longer to recover...

So, uh, I guess the Chicago Half Marathon is out the window, huh?


Rick said...

We'll see how my healing, recovery, and come back training go, Jim. The Chicago Half isn't till August, right?!? LOL

Jim Lange said...

Were you also the stunt guy for Bruce Willis who walked over the broken glass in bare feet in Diehard? Do you chew nails for breakfast?

I know this is a bummer, but I guess God wants you to take a break. You deserve it!

I got a stress fracture from running a few years ago and had to wear the same sort of boot so I feel your pain!

Hang in there bro!

Alan said...

NO!!!!! That is NOT what I wanted to hear.
Other than the stationary bike did the doctor say you could do deep water running? I know some people have done that while they are injured and it has really helped keep them going.

Anonymous said...

I had =to wear the boot when I broke my toe. trust me when I say wear it cause if you dont and reinjure it will take 10x longer to heal. use the time and rest up, and if your outside the house WEAR the boot!


Tim Wilson said...

Well, I guess you at least now know what it is. I hope the healing is fast - take it easy and don't try to come back too soon. The time will come soon enough!

grandma getta said...

Glad to hear they finally figured out what is wrong. Hopefully, all will be well soon. Love you much, Mom

larchmeany said...

You know the Earl family feels your pain...follow doctor's orders, tough guy.