Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No MRI Results Yet

For those of you who have been wondering, I have not gotten the results from my MRI yet. I stopped in my doctor's office yesterday morning following a run I had with the fire department which had me going to the hospital ER right around the corner from my doc's office and they didn't have time for anyone to get to me about the results and said to call.

So, I called later in the afternoon yesterday, got a nurse who promptly asked me for a number a doc could call me back at to give me the results. I gave her my cell phone number as they have my home number on file, but I have not heard anything. So, I don't even know if they have the radiologist's report on the MRI at the doctor's office of not yet or if the doc has signed off on it for anyone else to be able to relate the information to me. I am in the dark as much as any of you.

What I do know is my leg pain is like a roller coaster. Yesterday afternoon/evening it was killing me, it is like a dull, hard, constant ache with definite "hot spots" to the touch on the bone. Today the dull ache is not there, but the "hot spots" are the same. Although, I feel as though if I needed to run I could manage it.... Just kidding.

MTA (05-08-08): I put a note in the comments about more info I got yesterday regarding the MRI and what will likely happen next for those of you that like to know further.


Mar said...

Good grief, it's not my leg and I'm annoyed with the doc!

You're too nice, Rick. Gotta dig down deep and rustle up some badass on 'em:)

I'll keep checking back..

Kirsten said...

now tomorrow, right!? Oh, I hope need those answers to be able to fully get on with your recovery (which I hope will be fast).

Kirsten said...

Weird...Blogger ate "You'll k" from my post...doo doo doo doo... /Twilight Zone

Rick said...

LOL, k. Sure, blame it on blogger. I blame the Bell's.

Ok, I got some unofficial news last night from someone that read my MRI report yesterday that my MRI showed nothing and that the radiologist that read my original x-rays taken at my (incompetent) docs office on my initial visit had said there was something on the x-ray that they felt would be better detailed by a bone scan and ordered that, which apparently my doc either ignored, didn't note, or so too late for me to have wasted my time with the MRI that he ordered. But, I can't say anything about this to my doc because the person I got this information from could get fired if they found out where I got the info.

So... it appears my next contact from the my doc will be telling me that the MRI showed nothing and that I should get a bone scan. If not, I will be even MORE highly suspect of his competence.

I understand what you mean about getting more BA with this, Mar, but frankly, I don't have the time to keep badgering the doc's office. Life marches on and I have to keep up with it, ya know.

Alan said...

I was about to put a post in my blog yesterday asking for an update.
I could go back and look- but remind me again- exactly where is the pain located on your leg?

Rick said...


It is my lower inside tibia (distal, medial, tibia) about 2 - 3 inches above my ankle and the "hot spot" on the bone is about the width of 3 fingers.