Thursday, May 22, 2008

Final Day

I had my final day of this school year with my good friend, Vicki's, fourth grade class yesterday. They had a lovely volunteer appreciation breakfast in the morning before I spent my last morning with her classroom. She had such a GREAT group of kids this year and they were a blast to work with! I'll miss my weekly visits with her kids, but look forward to a new crop to screw up next year. She got some pics of me with the kids I worked with most of the school year and, provided she gets permission from their parents/guardians, I will post the pics here at a later time.

Vicki and I are like siblings that actually get along and have a great friendship. We serve together on the worship team at CrossRoads and are a great support and encouragement to one another on the parenting-front as we both have teenage daughters of about the same ages with much the same challenges. She was also one of my greatest supporters in my marathon effort and... endured the exposure sufferings of that miserable race day with many other of my awesome family and friends. Below is a pic of her, on the left, along with Tammy in the middle, and friend, Dianna Johnston, following the marathon. Vicki... the Lord had truly blessed me the day he put you into my life and began to grow our friendship! I am so very thankful for having you in my life!


Alan said...

I checked out your church's website- looks like a cool place to worship. we go to an "out of the box" church. We started 4 years ago with 8 people in a living room and average over 1500-1600 on a weekly bases now. Here's our website if you want to check it out.

Rick said...

Thanks, Alan. I'll definitely check it out when I have a little time. Our church is Free Methodist, but part of the Willow Creek Association. It's a seeker-oriented church.

Alan said...

Just checking in Rick. Hope the camping trip was fun and you guys had a great weekend.