Friday, May 9, 2008

Negative Findings on MRI

No surprise here. My "doctor", who shall remain nameless, called me yesterday while I was on the road. He didn't even remember getting my history, examing me, what he said to me, what he ordered... blah, blah, blah, until I filled in all the holes in his worse-than-mine memory. Anyway, he said the MRI was negative for a stress fracture. No surprise there since I already had that information from another source.

So, I say, "So, what's next?". Doc replies, "I was going to ask you the same thing." I say "Orthopedic consult?". He says, "I wouldn't go to an orthopedic surgeon yet." I say, "Bone scan?". He says nothing. Ultimately decided to refer my care over to a sports doc that their office is affiliated with. I think - but don't say - "Thank goodness, you quack!". So, my next step is a consultation with a sports doctor. Hopefully a significantly better physician than the "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on t.v." doctor that I started with. : )

Leg - still killing me - I couldn't get to sleep last night cause it was aching so badly. : (

Blog - will keep as is with some tweaking when I get the time. Thanks everyone that chimed in on that prior post. It's nice to know that people are actually reading this - other than me. Q - I don't know what Seely means?!?

We're (Tammy and friend, Dianna Johnston) heading up to Grand Rapids this afternoon for the Fifth Third River Bank Run. Tammy is going to run the 5K race at 8:10 tomorrow morning and Dianna is running the 25K race. I was to have run/ran (whatever) the 25K race with Dianna had I been up to it, but am definitely not so... I have broke out the cheerleader skirt, sweater, and pom-poms for the races. There will also be several RA (RunningAHEAD) people there that I will have the opportunity to meet up with before the race so, that will be really cool!

Good luck to fellow blogger Sherry (Stiffy Leg Blues) who is in her first triathalon race this weekend in Orlando, FL. Swim, bike, run yer booty off, Sherry!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there!

Cost of a Mother's Day card: $4.23

Cost of Mother's Day flowers: $3.19 (you have to know where to go for them)

Cost of a Mother's Day dinner out for a family of four: $80.00 (roughly depending on where you go)

Value of what all you mothers mean in our lives: PRICELESS

Thanks moms for all the thankless things you do everyday that we children and husbands all too often take for granted.

A thankful son and husband


Kirsten said...

Well...that's good knews, kinda. But it sure would be nice if you had some conclusive diagnosis. I hope the sports doc can help you more than that tool doc did.

Can't wait to meet you guys--I think I'm more excited about meeting RA peeps than I am about the race, really.


Alan said...

teh reason I asked in the last post about where you are hurting is that I have the same thing. I had last year when training got ING Georgia and Richmond and have it again. It is sore to the touch and aches sometimes when I am just sitting. It was really bad Wed. when I finished a hard work out.

Since it has been going on for so long and goes away after a while I don't think it is a stress fracture. When you are able, stretch your legs out in front of you with your heal on the floor and toes pointing stright up. Then point your toes out in front of you and then bring them back towards you. Do this a few times. Then with your heal still on the ground draw a big circle motion with your toes.
This seems to help the pain go away for me- I hope it will help with you.

Rick said...

Ditto, k. I can't wait to meet all of you. We may be able to have dinner with Joe Leto this evening and I can't wait to see you all tomorrow morning!

Thanks for the info, Alan. I'll give the stretching a try. Have you ever had anything diagnosed?

Alan said...

No- I have never had anything diagnosed- just kinda of ran with it until it would go away. I do get kind of nervous about it every once in a while but then it will get a little better so I don't go to the doc.

Pa Pa Putz said...

Thanks for the Mother's Day note. You know that I love you, right?

grandma getta said...

I think I established my own name for comments on your blog. I'll send this and see if I succeeded! Love ya! Mom

Sherry said...

A negative finding is good news; of course, you are still in pain so obviously 'something' inside you needs some TLC. I think seeing a sports doc will get you back on track. At least they'll be more familiar with what stressors may have caused your pain in the first place and how to treat/prevent any future injuries.

Thank you SO MUCH for the shout-out and well wishes in your blog post (and in my blog too)! How cool is that? Okay, so I sounded a bit too much like Rachael Ray there... but seriously, thanks so much! I definitely did swim, bike, and run my booty off!

jtj3 said...

Hey Rick...nice "doctor". Hm, I thought maybe he'd tell you 'Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.' Heck, *I* could have told you that!!!

So, glad that it's not a stress fracture but sorry you haven't found anything out yet. What about getting copies of the MRI, then going to another doctor?

Hey, they don't call me "Captain Obvious" for nothing... :-)

Tim Wilson said...

Rick - good to hear you are going to be able to go to a good Orthopedic. I kinda ran into the same thing when I was sorting out my injury last year. My doctor told me.... if it hurts when you run on the road, just don't run on the road. Run on the treadmill until race day and then take lots of pain medication......

I am sooooo glad I went to an Orthopedic, but I had to go through the regular doc to get a referal.

Hope the Orthopedic can get you back running soon!

Keep your head up!