Thursday, May 1, 2008

Where Do I Go From Here?

Well, I essentially have completed the task I set out to for which this blog was created. There are a few loose strings relative to this blog, one of which will involve Cassy yet, that I have to wrap up, but really, there's nothing more in direct relationship to this blog title. So, it appears I am at a crossroads with what to do with this blog site as my friend, Sara, was with her's following the completion of her first marathon, The St. Louis Marathon. Now, I know what baseball legend Yogi Berra would do at this point as he once said, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it." I'm not sure what I should do about the fork in this blog road though.

I guess there are basically three choices: 1. Keep blogging under the same title as all my runs are with Cassy in mind anyway - once I am able to run again - and it's not like this blog has been strictly about running anyway, but more of a snapshot of my life 2. Re-title the blog and keep blogging generally, really no different than what it is now with its current title and, I would have to come up with a snappy new blog title, which I really am not good at, or 3. Quit blogging (a chorus of cheers ring out across the land).
I won't do anything with this blog until I have fully completed the few loose ends that I have yet and post on them. Once that is completed, I am open to any suggestions. I hope that this blog hase been somewhat entertaining, for all 2 or 3 of you that read it (me included, and I've found myself to have flashes of brilliance at moments and downright PIMP - peeing in my pants - witty at times), enlightening, and encouraging. So, feel free to chime in on if you think I should take the fork in the road or not. And, if so, which one... or another?

Perhaps I'll take up competitive Bridge playing and blog about that? May be one of my viable alternatives if I can't run for awhile...
I think I can take these fellas... even WITH a bum leg! ;-)


Zoomy said...

Don't you dare quit blogging! You are one of my favorite reads!

You could always register a domain through Google for $10/year and it's super easy to switch over and maintain what you already have--that's what I did.

Hmmm...I could see or


Alan said...

What ever you do please keep blogging. I vote that you either just keep blogging here and leave the name the same or change the name- either way- but I would hate to see your history of running for Cassy to just drift off.

And trust me- even though there may be only a few people posting comments, there are many other people that read it that don't post comments.

Just as I hope Sara keeps blogging I hope you do too my friend.

Blogs are about life- not just running. :)

Mike Fox said...

I have been thinking many of the same thoughts about my blog as well....I originally set it up to chronicle my first marathon, but I believe I will continue to blog after the marathon. It just may not all be about running after this weekend's race.

Keep blogging!

Tim Wilson said...

You must keep blogging.... enough said.

Although I have to say with my work schedule I have not been able to stop by as often.... I still like to stop by and read when I get a spare moment.... I just don't always comment.... but you can trust I am reading. :)

Yes, I know - I still need to sit down and read your Marathon Report. Please don't take it as me not caring as I do.... just been working in excess of 13 hour days lately :(

And..... keep running!

I do like as Kristen mentioned.

Anonymous said...

My friend Cassy is the reason you started blogging so keep the name, or come up with something swiffy with her name in it...Love your blog and love you and Tammy

jtj3 said...

Rick - I vote you keep blogging! Make it about your life (which you kind of have already), not just your running.

Oh and good luck on the tests and whatnot...any results?

Sara McCarty said...

Don't stop blogging!! You'll eventually be back running and you're going to want a place to keep us all updated on your progress. And who cares if the blog isn't about running anymore (have you seen my blog lately?). Keep up the blogging, it's a great outlet and means of staying in touch. And by the way -- are your test results back yet? I really hope everything is ok.

Sherry said...

Whatever you do, DO NOT quit blogging! If you keep working on this same blog, the URL will always be the same and Cassy will always be mentioned... so you 'could' change the title if you wanted to.

You could also start a new blog and link to this one. I've seen a lot of people do that. Just please, PLEASE don't leave blog land! :o)

Anonymous said...

Don't be Seely. Keep bloggin', keep the name, get better and GET RUNNING!!!!