Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Remember...

as if it were yesterday, bringing this beautiful young woman home as a baby from Parkview Hospital in Toledo, Ohio, which no longer even exists and being scared to death having an infant in the car that I was now responsible for. Now look what she's gone and done, she's all grown up. Here's some of the proofs of Chelsea's senior pics recently taken by the wonderfully talented, Emily Smith, of Smith Gallery Photography. You can see more of her amazing work there and see some more of Chelsea's senior pic proofs on the Smith Gallery Blog here. Chelsea, you're a beautiful young woman. Emily, you did an amazing job capturing her beauty. I'm stunned. I can't wait to see the rest of the proofs. Any boys viewing this/her... HANDS OFF! :)

My Dad, Mom, and Lindsey embarked on their Prince Edward Island camping/travel adventure this past Saturday and both Dad and Linds have been blogging their trip. You can check out Dad's blog here at DickandBrigitteontheRoad or Lindsey's at Lindsissweet. They have some great pics from their trip so far as well.


Em said...

thanks Rick... it helps that she's absolutely gorgeous! (and Linds is as well-- you have such beautiful girls!)

jtj3 said...

Congratulations, Rick. You have a beautiful daughter, and the photography work is really good - good choice.

Blessings to your daughter and to your family today--have a great weekend man!

Rick said...

Thanks Emily. They are both gorgeous (all prejudice aside).

Thanks, Jim. Emily does a really great job. She recently left the employ of our church as our creative arts pastor/director (very sad as she did an excellent job) to work on her photography more full-time and spend time with their beautiful little girl. We had a most awesome weekend at my in-laws' cabin btw. Thanks!