Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Live Like You Were Dyin'

My online running and blogging friend, Jim, has a great post on his blog about a book he and his wife and some neighbors are reading, "One Month to Live". You can read about it on his blog here.

I thought it was an awesome, eye-opening post. I've been contemplating a lot in the last year or so about living life with a sense of urgency. For me, that means investing more of myself... my love, my time, my compassion... in the lives of those I love and letting them know unequivocally how much I care for them and how important they are in my life. Investing in those relationships that God has so graciously, and abundantly, blessed me with. Making the phone call to a friend to see how they are doing when it's not convenient, putting off cutting the grass to get to the campground to enjoy some time with your family, not rushing off after completing an elderly woman's chores because they are checked off the list for the week now and I have *other things to do* because she cares more about the company and conversation afterwards than having her chores completed whether she would admit it or not, showing a hurting friend that you care for them and their sick parents, or not blowing off the neighbors coming to chat because you have *other things to do* and they're burning your daylight. For me, it's about being more intentional in the relationships that I have been blessed with. Perhaps that is why you've seen less blogging from me as well, though you all are important to me too and, as strange as it may be for some to believe, I have developed some pretty solid friendships through this medium.

You can read my response to Jim's post in the above link as well so, I'm not going to re-hash it here. Unfortunately, life is busy and getting busier. I pray that I never pass on a moment to tell a family member or friend how much I appreciate them and love them, have a conversation with a neighbor even when it's not convenient because I have *other things to do*, or come alongside a hurting friend any time they need because their parent is dying, because I would be missing out on a blessing for myself and squandering the most valuable asset the Lord has blessed me with... relationships.

So, I challenge you, as I have myself, to invest more in your relationships than your own selfish ambitions and try and live like you were dying...


Mom on the Run said...

I needed to be reminded of this today. Thank you!

jtj3 said...

Wow, Rick--I'm honored...thanks for the shout-out! I gotta tell you this thing is really shaping my thinking and my actions. Like you, I want to work on relationships more and work on "temporary stuff" a little less. I think we get so caught up in doing something, we never think about whether it'll really be that imporant in a year.

Good post. You're a good guy and I really look forward to meeting you one of these days. As a Christian pal from college used to say, it'll either be here, or there, or in the air!

Rick said...

Glad to be provide a timely reminder, Karen. Hope you're well.

Jim, your post was a great reminder for me as well. I feel more and more like time is fleeting.... for all of us, not just for me, and want to live my life with more of a sense of urgency with respect to my relationships. You're a blessing my friend.