Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Non-Running Update

I had my MRI last evening, no report will be forthcoming for a few days though. The images have to be read by a radiologist and then their findings reported to my family doc (who is new to our family and I don't have a lot of confidence in), who will then get ahold of me to let me know if they found anything. I had asked the MRI tech before the test if she would tell me if she noted anything out of the ordinary on my MRI and she agreed to do so, but said she did not see anything abnormal in the imaging following the MRI. That cerainly isn't conclusive though and, is why the radiologists get the big bucks and the techs don't. I will note the findings here as soon as I know, which should be 3 - 5 business days, so sometime early next week I would think.

On another note, Lindsey and her Lady Bronco softball teamates got pummeled last Friday afternoon (Tammy and I were in Amish country so, did not witness - no pun intended with the Amish reference - the devastation) by a very good St. Mary Catholic Central team with a very good pitcher although, she had a couple of hits and runs batted in. This evening, the Lady Broncos took on Saline at Saline in a double-header and won both games handily. Lindsey had a home run to right center field in her second at bat in the second game and did a solid job in the field at first base! Great job girls!

Lindsey poised to take her home run swing.

Waiting to receive a throw at first.

In other daughter news, Chelsea proudly reported to me yesterday that she has a 94% so far for the semester in her Algebra II class, which is awesome since she has always struggled with mathematics! Great job Chels! Keep up the good work!


Mike Fox said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good results on the MRI. Hopefully all you'll need is more rest and ice.

Way to go on your daughters' accomplishments! You must be a very proud papa!!!!

Sherry said...

"Business days"... grrr... I detest "business days"... LOL!

Looking forward to hearing your results as well. Hoping that all will be well. :o)

Rick said...

Thanks Mike and Sherry. I'm stoked for both your upcoming races and know you'll both do well. I've been and will continue to be thinking about and praying for ya! :)

Alan said...

I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how everything went. Hope the tech was right in that there is nothing there out of the ordinary.

Rick said...

Thanks, Alan. Could be good or bad about the tech news. Marion related to me that when she had her stress fracture, her tech didn't pick it up either and when the radiologist looked at her MRI, they noted it right away. We'll see. Perhaps I'll have to take up swimming or stationary biking. :)
Competitive bridge?