Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bedford's Community Days Parade

Today was Bedford's "Community Days" parade which happened to pass right by the end of our street and, since my in-laws live right on the corner, Tammy and I hung out in their yard for the parade. We live in a medium sized community of 30,000+ people, but it still has a small town atmosphere to it like it did when I was growing up, which I am grateful for. The parade consisted mostly of police and fire apparatus, the high school marching band, and politicians handing out leaflets and shaking hands requesting our vote, but it was still fun. We did get lots of candy! I really love the small town atmosphere of Bedford... my hometown. Here's some pics:State Police vehicle leading the start of the parade (I'm surprised the State of Michigan has enough money left in the budget to put gas in the police vehicles!)
The pride of Bedford High School (my alma mater): the Kicking Mules Marching Band! Seriously, our school's mascot is the Kicking Mules... you can pick yourself up off the floor now from your gut-retching laughter now... really... come on now... this is my alma mater you're laughing at! Stop it... seriously.

Our Township Fire Chief's vehicle - that's Tammy's Uncle Joe yelling out the window at my MIL and Aunt Rose, his sisters. He's one of our Township battalion chiefs. At one time, two of Tammy's uncles, her dad, and myself were all on the fire department. I told you it was small community. Really, you're laughter at our West Virginia-type community is starting to get on my nerves. We know we're poh-dunk and... proud of it!

The library had a Volkswagen Bug in the parade with a "Catch the Reading Bug" sign on it and the cutest little boy/girl (not sure which) in a bug outfit in the backseat who was contantly pulling on the bug visor of the lady in the front seat.

This is my station's 75' Pierce aerial ladder truck. The first time I climbed this truck fully extended was in February, many years ago. It was mind-numbingly cold that night at drill and, I don't know if my legs were shaking because I was freezing to death, even with my turn-out gear on, or because I was nervous.

This is my station's brush truck. It resonds to all outdoor/wildland-type fires we get.

This is my stations rescue unit, Bravo 1. This is our most-utilitized apparatus in the station and responds to about 1,600 rescue/medical/auto accident calls a year. I didn't get any pictures of the politicians or their *people* in their convertibles... I figured they all look the same regardless of what community you live in.
So, there you have it... a typical summer community parade in the *Smallsville* of Bedford Township, Michigan. I'm gonna go eat some of our parade candy now.


grama getta said...

Darn - I forgot about the parade! Dad and Walt were gone fishing and I ended up doing dome work around here, when I coul've been watchiing the parade and eating candy! Wish you would've reminded me! Love ya anyway!

Sherry said...

I'm definitely going to have to let Scott read this post! You would think he would get more than enough out of fire apparatus that he works with, but he drools over stuff like this! A fireman can never have too much bling! :o)

Did you happen to catch the National Geographic fire truck special last week? It was filmed at the Pierce factory in WI. They were building an Aerial for San Diego. Very neat show! Scott loves Pierce, but companies down here tend to use E1 a lot b/c they are based in Ocala. He finds them sub-par compared to Pierce.

Anyway... enough fire truck chat! I truly hope that you are doing well and taking good care of that leg.