Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Boys are Back in Town

I was in Dundee for a couple of inspections this afternoon, the town of which is right near the intersection of Michigan Highway 50 (M-50) and US-23 (there's a Cabela's store here for those of you reading not familiar with this area). M-50 happens to run up toward the the little town of Brooklyn, Michigan, which is home to Michigan International Speedway - MIS. They are having their first NASCAR race of the season there this weekend and several of the driver's car haulers were stopped in Dundee. The above trucks are Petty Enterprises.

Now, I'm not a NASCAR nut, but I will watch some races over the course of the season and will pay some attention as to who is leading in the point standings and stuff, but I couldn't tell you every driver, their car number, sponsor, yadda, yadda, yadda. I have however, ALWAYS loved the above car. I couldn't have even told you who drove it now if not for asking my dad earlier this evening... I just love the M&M logo/sponsorship! :) I did know that it is the 38 car and that it used to be driven by Elliot Sadler - who had a horrific crash in it several years ago - that I actually saw, rolling it about 14 times or something crazy like that. I am told that it is now driven by Kyle Bush. Whatever... just give me the M&M's.
Even though I am not a NASCAR nut, I am NOT a fan of the driver of the car in the truck on the left in the above photo. Even the photo of his car hauling truck was a pain in the rear to load onto this post. I don't have a favorite driver, but I do have a non-favorite. Anyway, I thought some of you NASCAR nuts out there in blog land would appreciate these pics.

When I was a kid, my best friend's parents had a cottage on Dewey Lake (they're retired there now), which is about 2 - 3 miles from MIS and we could always here them racing during time trials and races on race weekends while up at the lake on race weekends. Ahhh... memories. Oh, Lindsey (DYD) is going to the time trials tomorrow. Perhaps she'll have some cool pics to post on her blog, Lindsissweet.

The Boys are Back in Town.


Alan said...

Kathy, Glenn, and I are huge Nascar fans!!!! What a lucky day you had seeing all of the haulers.
Oh...and btw... the 20 car driver isn't all that bad. Kathy's cousin knows him and says he really is a great guy.

Alan said...

Forgot to wish you a Happy Father's Day Rick!!! You are a great Father!!!!