Friday, June 20, 2008

Tiger Velich

A very dear friend of mine, author and speaker, business man and entrepeneur, great husband and father, an all-around good guy that I have a ton of respect for, Jim Lange, really humbled me the other day when he included me in this post on Tiger Woods quietly fighting through his physical adversities this past weekend to win the U.S. Open Championship. I was even more humbled being in the same company in that post as the man, Buck, he mentions, who is one of the most awesome men that I know. Jim's blog is an awesome read if none of you have ever taken a look at it. He always has something challenging, yet encouraging, and uplifting to say that will bless your life. Give it a look sometime. He's listed in my Blog Haunts in my right side bar down the page a bit.

Thanks again, Jim, I was truly humbled, yet moved, by your mention of me in your blog. Keep up the great stuff on your blog. I love you, brother.


Jim Lange said...

Wow, you wanna talk about being humbled! You did it to me!

I love you bro!


Rick said...

Back at cha my friend!