Sunday, June 8, 2008

Quick Update

Last week was pretty busy for me. I got home from Columbus Tuesday evening after working most of the day down there. Went to a birthday get together that evening at friends', the Dillinghams, for Amy's 29th birthday. Wednesday I was in all day entering the inspections I had completed down in Columbus. Wednesday evening I went up to Oakland University with friends, Jeremy, Cindy, and Frank, to see James Taylor in concert. He, and his band, were awesome! I know to many, myself included prior to seeing him in concert, would think of him as a simple, folk-singer type, with easy-going ballads that put you at ease, but he is a VERY talented musician and vocalist. I was amazed by his voice and control over it. It was a great concert and I'm so glad I went because I was contemplating not going in order to catch up on work. The girls' last day of school was Friday. They had a half day and then both of them were off to Cedar Point - a large amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio for those of you that are unfamiliar with it. If you like rides, especially coasters, this is a must visit park for you sometime. It was blazingly hot and humid on Friday, in the mid to upper 90's, so some storm activity rolled in later in the night after Tammy and I got back from Lowe's. We were getting some stuff to do some landscaping projects this weekend around the house. Saturday I trimmed bushes and shrubs in prep for our landscape work and then we had a couple of graduation parties to go to. Sunday after church - which we were blessed to have our new pastor speak at today (he is not officially starting till August and, completed his first marathon two weeks ago at the age of 41 also! Woot, Pastor Dean!) - Tammy and I worked in the yard all day, again it was excruciatingly hot, reworking the front and side of our home. We got most of what we wanted to complete done and then the weather turned ugly again. So, there you have it, my week in a nutshell. I know, big, wordy, nutshell.

Have a blessed week everyone!


Mar said...

Cedar Point!!! Todd and I have been driving ourselves crazy trying to remember the name of that amusement park.

Glad to see ya posting. How's the leg feeling?

Mom on the Run said...

So cool that you went to see JT - my husband and I saw him in Indy 5 years ago. Glad to hear you are home. Hope you have a good week.

Rick said...

Cedar Point rooocks, Mar! It has to be one of THE best parks in the country, if not the best. The leg is slowly getting better. I'm unable to wear the brace/boot all the time due to work, which I have been very busy with, so it probably is not healing as quickly as it could. It's like two steps forward and one step back. I'm projecting maybe the end of summer to be able to start running again? Time will tell. I have to call the doc's office today and schedule a follow up visit. Great to hear from you. :)

Hey Karen! Wasn't JT just awesome?!? I so loved that concert. I've been a fan for a long time, but never realized what a tremendously gifted musician he really is. How are things down in the Hoosier state? Have any issues with flooding around you?

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick,

Just checking in to see how you're doing. I see all things family and work-related are going well, and the running, eh, not so much. Sending some healing mojo your way and will keep checking in. Stay strong! That leg will get better and you'll be back!


Mom on the Run said...

We're far enough north that we haven't gotten the rain they have around Indy. So far we're staying dry except for a leaking basement window that allow in a couple of inches of water into our basement (just in time for the tornado warning last week). Thankfully, that's it.

Rick said...

Thanks, Q! We'll be running a race together in the future sometime! I promise you. Just none that have snowshoe in the title of the race, ok?

Stay dry, Karen. Glad to hear you haven't been battered or drown as others are experiencing.

Jennifer said...

Glad to see you back! I've been (missing)thinking/praying for you and your leg. Glad to hear it's on the mend.

And James Taylor!? Finally a musician I know! I LOVE JT!