Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Meeting the Fox Family and Have You Tried This Yet?

Lindsey, Tammy, and I went to Meijer in Toledo last Friday evening and were shopping and kind of hanging out waiting for my blogging and running *dotcomrade*, Mike Fox, and his family to stop by in Toledo to hook up and meet with us for some McIceCream on their way up to visit their family in Michigan from their home in Maryland. I forgot to get a picture of our families together that evening so, I had to pirate one from their family website - hope you don't mind, Mike or Sherry. We had a lovely, albeit short, visit with the Fox family, Mike, Sherry, and their boys, Doron (6), and Matan (3), at the McD's on Alexis Road near I-75. Mike and Sherry are a wonderful couple and I'm so glad they took the time out of their long drive to stop and meet us. Their boys are adorable... very smart, active, and hilarious, as young kids oftentimes are... especially two over-tired, wound up, well traveled boys! Doron was prompt to introduce himself to me as I approached their family van, "Hi... I'm his son," he tells me after Mike got out and introduced himself. Then Mike proceeded to tell me that Matan was recently making the conversion to big boy pants to which Matan began singing the "Na, Na, Na-Na... Goodbye" song. What a hoot! So adorable! You have a wonderful family Mike, Sherry is lovely, as I figured she would be, and the boys are simply entertainingly adorable and very bright! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your long trip to stop in and visit with us! I really enjoyed our visit and look forward to more in the future.

After the Fox family left to finish their journey to their Michigan destination, Tammy had a hankering for one of the new Taco Bell Frutista Freeze drinks. We swung by the nearest Taco Bell and she and Lindsey ran in and each got one. There are two flavors, Strawberry and Mango Strawberry. Our family really loves mangos so, the girls both opted for the Mango Strawberry flavored drink. THEY ARE FANTASTIC! They are so flavorfull and taste just like drinking a blended up fresh frozen mango! Yum! You'll have to give one of these a spin if you haven't tried one yet. I don't think they're too terrible for you either, 230 - 240 calories, no fat, carbs and sugar of course, but other than that, not bad. Here's the specific nutritional info on them for the diet conscious. They're refreshingly delicious! I have to give props to our friend, Tami-Sue Evans, for putting us on to these delightful drinks. She's currently in a 12-step recovery program from her addiction to them, but we hear she has weaned herself down to 1 a day! Great job, Tami-Sue!


Mom on the Run said...

I think I'm glad the closest Taco Bell is 20 minutes away as I would be getting one of those every day!! I'm with you on the mango, too.

Hmmm, I'm thinking I need to go to the grocery store by way of Taco Bell :-)

Hope you all are well.

Anonymous said...

right now just looking at the pic i am all spitty! I must go and get one RIGHT NOW!!!
t. s. e

Mike Fox said...

Rick - Thanks for the nice words. We also had a great time with you guys, although it was a short visit.

I'm glad you realized that the boys were over tired and wound-up...they don't always act that way! :-)

Rick said...

They were great, Mike. They had traveled for quite a while as well. You have a very nice family and it was good to meet you all. I hope you had a good visit in Michigan.

t.s.e. - I'm kinda gettin' a hankering for one too just thinkin' about those luscious drinks! Yum!