Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Aftermath

There's a couple of pics that I left out of my report when I wrote it because I was so tired when I was wrapping up the report and wanted to get to bed, so I lost some of my enthusiasm in keeping up with the pics along with the text, which was obvious. So, this one is the second to the last turn coming into the finish where I had my awesome support posse all running along with me into the finish. I was so wasted at this point, without the picture, I couldn't have even told you who was around me other than Tammy.This next one is my last turn going into the finish chute. Whew!This next one is with my medal, the wind shirt pullover given for the race, and the awesome picture frame that Tammy, Chelsea, and Lindsey got me as a gift. If you are unable to read it, the frame says, "All things are possible for those who believe." Very cool. This week has gone by very quickly. I was surprised to have no aches and pains, other than my right lower leg and knees a bit on Monday. I could barely walk on Monday because of the pain in my leg. That got slightly better Tuesday and Wednesday, and today I am walking with only a slight limp. I went to our interim family doc yesterday afternoon. He had a series of x-rays done on my leg of which he saw nothing, though they had not been read by a radiologist yet. He was referring me for an MRI, to rule out a stress fracture, which has to get cleared through my insurance first.

Again, other than the pain in my right lower leg, I have felt pretty good. Of course, I think I walked much of the last 10k so, how much stress can that be on one's body? LOL When I do get the MRI scheduled, I'll certainly post the results here. There are several people who seem to think it is strictly a soft-tissue injury flare up, which I would be happy with. In fact, the massage therapist I have a certificate to go see seems to think he can work most of it out with deep tissue massage. That may be so, but it ain't gonna feel good during the massage!

Today was my volunteering morning in Mrs. Holme's (the Vicki I wrote about in my report) class. We had a party in celebration of my race finish. The kids (4th graders) made me a nice Congratluations card and all signed it and gave me several plants which were purchased to benefit Easter Seals in honor of Cassy. Mrs. Holmes and her students are SUCH a blessing to me and have given me back more than I could ever hope to give them in tutoring.

The kids had lots of good questions about the race and my preparation for it (Though no potty questions came up! I must say I was surprised. LOL) and then I told them that they can do anything they set there hearts and minds to. I told them to not let any nay-sayers keep them from their dreams and if they worked hard, found great friends like Mrs. Holmes to come alongside them in support and encouragement, and stay on the path to get there, they could achieve virtually anything they dreamed. We then talked about some of their dreams, goals, and aspirations. They a great group of kids and I am privileged to get to work with them.

Finally, I just want to take a very sincere, heartfelt, and grateful moment to thank everyone that was so vital in me accomplishing my goal... for your love and support, either in person, or through thoughts and prayers, thank you Tammy and my girls, Chelsea and Lindsey. I know it doesn't seem so, but other than for the Lord, I live and exist primarily for you. You all bring me more joy than I can ever express. Jeremy and Cindy for the flowers and prayer support, Mom and Dad, Carol, Matt and Amy, Tim Dawes, Dianna, Kallie and the rest of the Johnstons, Wayne and Kim and kids, Leo and Vicki, Amelia, Emily, Maggie, and Brandon... I could not have finished without all of your support in the cold and snow and wet during the race! Eric and Phil... but a couple of the many RunningAHEAD supporters that I had that were in the right place at the right time for me as well. You were truly both a blessing in seeing me through to the finish of that race, and afterwards.

For all the people from my church that I know were thinking and praying for me - my mens' group, Jim, Joe, Jeremy, the worship team, Karen, Andrew, Emily, et al, my chiropractors, Drs. Daryl and Reyna and their staff, Rose Mary, Angela, and Mary Jo, the Evans family, my friends and family, my RA family - Marion, Sara, Zoomy, Q, BadDawg, Joni, Eryn, Bonkin, Modal, Jennifer, Alan, Marcus, and so, so many others. For new blogging buddies, Jim, Mike, Karen, Sherry, Tim, and Mrs. Holme's entire 4th grade class, and again, so many others. If there is anyone I am missing by name, I apologize, truly. You were all so very encouraging and vital in seeing me through this wonderful experience. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! God's blessings on you all.


Kirsten said...

Rick, I don't think I've ever seen such visible relief on the face of a person approaching the finish line as I do in that shot. That had to be the most welcome sight EVER!



Rick said...

That about captures what I was feeling Zoomy. Relief. Oh, and I couldn't wait to get inside and out of the blasted weather although, I was pretty well delirious at that point and, Eric had to jerk me away from my family and friends to get them to let me get inside. He was awesome!

Alan said...

Thanks for the follow up and the additional pictures. The last few miles of a race can be brutal- and the body will react differently each time.

Side note: I am sure your massage therapist will, but make sure he doesn't go to deep until you heal some. Your muscles just took a lot of "breaking down" and need time to heal before getting too hard of a massage. Some non-running therapist may not understand what your legs just went through.

Jennifer said...

Loved those last few shots!! You can add *that* look to the google list of *determination*!

I hope and pray your leg is healing. Any answer will be worth a mystery solved. My chiro/pt uses mucho biofreeze when they do deep tissue massage. (try to make me scream bloody murder) It really does help.

Lindsey said...

Good job dad running your marathon, I am so proud of you and I had a blast wathcing you especially at the finish line! You had a couple problems, but you kept going! You really persevered! Great job! Maybe you will run another one in the future... maybe!
Love you dad!

Sherry said...

"All things are possible for those who believe." --> So awesome AND so true!

I'm praying that your MRI (if/when you have it done) does not show a stress fracture. I'm no expert, but I would think the fact that you are starting to feel better is a great sign that it may indeed be just a soft-tissue flare-up.

Providing that all goes well with your tests and you are pain free, how long would you ideally have to wait until you run again (marathon recovery)?

Rick said...


If my leg were not an issue, I've felt well enough to have started back at it this week, but as it is, I would just be on the road to more aggravation. I'm not sure when I'll start up again. I can't get my MRI in the near future as I have to head down to Columbus, OH for work this evening and I'll be there for most of the week and then playing catch-up when I get home. Soooo... it's just kind of a wait and see game right now.

So, if there were no leg issue, I would have gone for a walk on Tuesday, and then probably a couple of shorter runs later in the week last week. Right now, giving it a rest is probably best, even though I have been itchin' to get my running shoes back on. Thanks for asking. :)