Saturday, April 5, 2008


My running "dot-comrade", Marion, uses this term frequently on her blog I have noted. So, when I saw this license plate yesterday up in Harrison Township while out conducting inspections for work, I busted out laughing and just had to get a pic of it. Perhaps she could get a customized South Carolina plate for her Explorer MommyMobile? It apparently is already taken here in Michigan though. Ironically enough, I saw this and took this pic at a McDonald's! BAH! Hey, a guy's gotta "go" somewhere while out on the road all day. Then, like an idiot, I buy another coffee because I feel guilty about just using their facilities. Then I get the whole catch 22 thing goin' there.


Kirsten said...

Hah! I, too, love gah...and bah...and whah...ahhh!!!


Mar said...

I love it!!!!
That'd be a great personalized plate for me:)

Ummm, ya getting those butterflies yet?:)

Jennifer said...

that's hysterical...I just LOL and my ds looked this way and said, what does that mean? hahahahaha!