Sunday, April 20, 2008

Out for a Few Days

I have to head to my corporate offices in Columbus, OH for the next several days so, I won't be blogging for a little while. I'm still trying to heal, but my right leg is still pretty painful. I am clear to arrange an appointment for an MRI, but due to my schedule next week, I won't likely be able to get it scheduled till the following week at the earliest. Then, it depends on when the imaging/diagnostic facitility can get me in. Tammy and I were thinking tonight at dinner that it's hard to believe it has been a week since the race! Time flies. Too bad healing doesn't. LOL

On another couple of notes, Lindsey had her first softball games this past week. A double header in which she did not play in the first game and they lost, 15 - 6. She played in the second game and they won, 13 - 6. She had a 3 run home run in her first game! The pic below is her home run swing! She also had several unassisted outs at first base in the field. Way to go Linds!Lindsey was also accepted and inducted into the National Junior Honor Society with a candlelighting induction ceremony last Thursday. I smell Academic All-American in her future! Seriously though, we are extremely proud of her dedication, hard work, and discipline. Great job Linds!Friday night we had a belated 40th Birthday Party for my honey with about 30 - 40 of our friends and family at the house to celebrate the life of a wonderful woman that makes everybody's life better that she is a part of. I love you and will miss you honey! Then today, I had a great talk with a beautiful young woman that I take for granted too often because she is fiercely independent and I don't mention enough how proud I am of her or how much I love her, my oldest daughter, Chelsea. She was my earliest inspiration to start running so, I suppose ulitmately I have her to thank for me becoming a marathoner. Thanks, Chels. I am so very proud of how responsible you have become with your first job, driving, taking care of your expenses, and still doing your best in school, and as a beautiful young woman. You rock! I'm sorry I don't tell you this enough. I love you will all my heart!

It's been a very good week!

Have a blessed week to come! Be back soon...


Kirsten said...

Wishing you safe travels, Rick--hope your leg starts to feel better soon and that further inspection doesn't find anything too seriously amiss.

(((Hugs))) to your wonderful family.


Mom on the Run said...

Your daughters are beautiful. You have a lot to be proud of.

Take it easy this week. Hope all goes well.


Mar said...

Have a safe trip Rick!

I hope your leg gets the message and heals quickly. I know you're probably anxious to get back to running. It seems the weather in your area is starting to look more spring like:)

The girls are gorgeous. You and Tammy make some cute kids:)

Take care and heal up!

Alan said...

Hope your trip is going well Rick.

What a great family you have- such a blessing.

Rick said...

Thanks, k! The leg does not seem to be coming around whatsoever so, I doubt that I'll be running anything at the Riverbank Runs, but I will be there.

I am VERY thankful and proud, Karen. I've been very blessed, beyond deserving for sure. ;-)

Mar! It's so good to hear from you. Had a safe and good trip. I love going down to Columbus. Hopefully I can run their marathon, or at least half, in '09. It will be their 30th anniversary and I've heard it is an awesome race to run. I am SO anxious to run, but I just cannot. My leg is only marginally better than a day or two following the race. It is so beautiful outside this evening and Tammy just went out for a run and I would have LOVED to have gone with her! I wanted to run while I was in Columbus too, it was so nice. I just can't though, I am still favoring my leg pretty heavily. You should tell Tammy we should try and make some more kids! (Both of us are surgically infertile now, but that's ok... I don't mind trying!) :)

Great trip, Alan! Thanks. You have a lovely family as well my friend! Glenn is one cute dude!

Jennifer said...

Have a great trip Rick and I hope you get some answers about your leg.

You have a beautiful family! Congrats to Lindsey on her most recent achievements, WTG!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick,

Just checking in to see how you're doing. Hope the traveling is treating you well, and congrats to all the good stuff going on in the family life. Get that leg better, and keep us posted!


Sherry said...

Look at your beautiful, smart girls! I can see why you are one proud Papa!

Hoping you (and your leg) were able to get some well deserved rest during your trip this week.