Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Runs, an MRI Scheduled, and an Amish Weekend

That pretty much caps this past week. I had a great time in Columbus, Ohio (Shhh... don't tell anyone, but that city has really grown on me since my job change to Grange, which is headquartered there... Michigan-folk ain't supposed to be cozyin' up to Columbus, but I just can't help myself). I was there for a "professional development" Presentation Skills seminar in which I had to write and give 5 presentations on various topics, the last of which was a Power Point presentation. After each presentation, the presenters were critiqued by the instructor and the rest of the class. There were 17 of us in the class. It was a blast and I had a great time with it and learned a great deal. The thing I learned the most is that I say "um" an awful lot!
The weather really began turning last week to the nicer side of spring and all of the flowering trees have been in full bloom. It's truly been beautiful. I just love this short-lived time of year, especially the Magnolia trees. I wish they kept their blooms longer though. I did capture these below in my work travels last week. I, well Tammy, got my leg MRI scheduled for this Tuesday evening at 5:30. I've not run since my marathon and my leg is still aching pretty severely at times. I can tell when the ibuprofen wears off. I think it will be quite some time before I am able to run again, depending on what is wrong with it. I'm hoping they are able to see something clear on the MRI and can be told what to do about it. Needless to say, I will not be running a planned 25K in Grand Rapids on May 10th as previously tentatively scheduled. I won't even be joining Tammy for the 10K or 5K race that she will be running that weekend. Oh well, I make a pretty darn good cheerleader as well. I'm going to start doing some cross-training this week though.
Tammy and I traveled down to Amish country in Berlin, Ohio this past weekend with our friends, Wayne and Kim. We originally were booked in a B&B that didn't turn out as it looked on the internet (you couldn't see the steady stream of ants parading about the units in the internet photos or see the holes in the floor or feel the heat of the rooms without any HVAC operating) so, we made other arrangements for both Friday and Saturday nights. We still had a blast. We visited an actual Amish farm and were able to tour the whole thing and get a horse-drawn buggy ride. The tour of the barn included seeing all of their pregnant animals - seriously, I think every female animal they had in the barn was pregnant! - and a new litter of beagle puppies that I am surprised we didn't end up having one find its way home with us.We had an awesome time sightseeing, shopping, and partaking in some wonderful meals, fresh bakery items, cheese factories, chocolate shops, and the best home made ice cream (mint chocolate chip) that I have ever had! It was the creamiest ice cream I have ever tasted. Incredible! I really need to start running again soon! I think I've gained 10 pounds since the marathon. The scenary was stunning as well every where we went. The countryside down there is so beautiful.

The Amish are such a delightful and joy-filled people and I really enjoyed chatting with them on the farm we toured. It sometimes makes me whistful when I consider their lives and to be able to live a more simple life. Sigh. I think in all our hustling about, doing this and that, going from here to there, we really miss out on a lot of simpler blessings in life... like spending a quiet weekend with your spouse and dear friends in a beautiful countryside. Did you know you can convert to the Amish lifestyle? Eli told me so. Just sayin'...

Have a wonderful week everyone.


Kirsten said...

Hey, did you know that Eryn/backroadrunner's DH was raised Amish? I've had the opportunity to spend time with his family and they are some of the nicest, funniest people imaginable.

I love that beagle pup...aroooo!!! One of our neighbors has a beagle and a basset hound--hilarious dogs.

I hope you get some answers that give you treatment/recovery options for your leg. That has to be making you a little stir crazy by now. I'm sad that you won't be running 5/3, but I can't wait to meet you guys! We're gonna have some fantastic cheerleaders that day!


Rick said...

I remember the turkey story about Eryn's in-laws and sending a fresh one to her and her dilema in serving it or not. Hehe.

The beagles were soo stinkin' cute. That was my childhood dog. I got a beagle (Snoopy, of course) for my 7th birthday (didn't Dane just turn 7?) and had him until I was a junior in college.

I hope I get some answers as well. I am getting a bit stir crazy, especially with the great running weather we now have, and packin' on the pounds! Gah!

Rick said...

Fresh *one*, meaning dressed turkey in the above. Duh.

Kirsten said...

Awww...Snoopy. As a kid we had neighbors who had "Fred" the Beagle. Fred was such a character. They had him neutered as a young guy, but he still liked to "practice" on the cats until the day he died. Goofy dog!


Yep, Dane is 7. It's really a good age for a kid to have his/her first pet. We found our Chase kitty last Summer. Well, he found us, rather. Dane and Chase have really bonded. That kitten adores his boy.

Ahhh...yes, the Amish turkey. I think I did eat some of that and I recall it being pretty tasty.


I hear you on the going nuts with the leg issues. If one has to be sidelined, it's much better to be so during...say, February. That's a good month to not be able to run.


Sara said...

Good luck with your MRI tonight!! I'm praying for a speedy recovery for you. Keep us informed on how things go.

Sherry said...

OMG! Those pictures are breathtakingly beautiful! Really makes me miss living up North.

We used to live about 45 minutes from Lancaster, PA. Gotta love Amish country! All of the fresh markets, the little shops, the way the communities are set up.

Oh, I really miss all of that! I can only imagine what it would be like to bike and run there. Inspirational!