Thursday, April 3, 2008

McDonald's Me No More

(EDIT) - This post will no longer make sense since I removed the original picture I posted with it, which was thoroughly distasteful, of a faceless, very large man lugging around his big, obese belly in a wheelbarrel with the Golden Arches of McDonald's in the background and a parody of their catch phrase "I'm lovin' it" changed to, "I'm luggin' it". Just so you know I haven't completely lost my mind. At least my description of the picture, which was truly McNasty, will give you an idea of what the heck I'm talking about below. (END EDIT)

Like my new figure? Heh! Just kidding. This is about how I feel right now given I've only run once in the past week, a measly 4 miles yesterday that went OK, coupled with lunch at McDonald's today (Quarter Pounder with cheese and extra grease, a cheeseburger, and a large fry, split three ways) and I feel like the dude in the picture. "I'm luggin' it."

Yesterday's run went ok, I was sore, and today I'm tight and a little sore. I was going to go again today, but my leg is still slightly troublesome so, I figure I best not push my luck. I'll give 'er a go again tomorrow. It was beautiful today, too. Poo! It was 50 and sunny! Woohoo!

Instead, I went grocery shopping with Tammy after tormenting the kids I volunteer with from my pal, Mrs. Holmes, 4th grade classroom at Longfellow Elementary, then the superbly tasty and nutritional lunch at McNasty's (as the girls call it), then on to Target for household stuff. Tam and I took her Mom along so she could get out of the house. Dad went up north to the cabin for a bit.

Now I'm off to pick up my good friend, Jeremy, to head over to Tim Horton's for coffee and men's group. It may just be two mens tonight, but two is better than one.

p.s. - sorry for the nasty photo and... even sorrier (word/no word?) if that is you.


Mar said...

Wow, his boobs are bigger than mine!:)

I can relate, Rick. Haven't gone for a run in days and I'm feeling blubbery. But I'm going to try tomorrow, too:)

Glad to hear you're having good weather. I'll keep ya in my thoughts tomorrow!!

jtj3 said...

Yes "sorrier" is a word. Might be a real word, might be a 'Rickword', but since you used it it's real.

I am ashamed to admit I dig on McD's every once in a while. Maybe 1x a month, tops. But yeah, people can really get carried away with it...

Mom on the Run said...

Thanks for making me feel guilty - my girls and I ate at McDs four times in five days last week after going about two months avoiding the place, mainly because we were in the car and on the go so much. Although they did get a cool Snow White mirror in the one happy meal I let them get. :-) It will be a while before we go back.

Lindsey said...

I wont ever eat at McNasty's again since I saw Supersize me, Ewww that doesnt seem to be very tasty to me anymore. =[ oh and by the way go to and look up happy youll get a yong kid eating McDonalds French Fries.

Jennifer said...

I'll join the McNasty feelin non-running corner. Although we haven't eaten at McD's since watching Super SIze me a few years ago. But we still frequent In and Out Burger :)

I hope you can get some mileage in soon but you are smart to rest it and save yourself.

Rick said...

I do like McDonald's, it just sat in my tummy like a lead balloon yesterday and I felt like a beached whale. That was a nasty pic wasn't it, Mar? I thought it best to remove it. Ewwww.

I was too lazy to look up the word, Jim. Normally I do though, given I have english majors stalking my blog. I do think I make up a lot of 'Rickwords' though. :)

Don't feel guilty motr. When our girls were your's ages, we used to hit McD's often as a matter of lunchtime convenience. Plus, I got to eat all their leftovers! :)

Apparently, Supersize Me is something I shouldn't watch eh, Linds? Darn, and I was planning on taking you to McDonald's tomorrow after your practice for a 20-piece McNugget.

I only have but a week left Jennifer, so I won't be getting too many miles in. I felt pretty good today on my run. Not fabulous, but I'll take it! I've got one 8 miler left and then just "keeping loose" mileage for the rest of the week before the race. I've just been very guarded about not hurting my leg any worse than it was. I think I will be ok. ;-)

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