Wednesday, March 5, 2008

5.5 Miles

I got back just a bit ago from a 5.5 mile run. It was ok. Quite painful starting out, but again, the pain subsides to tolerable the further I get into my run. I did run on the opposite side of the road to see if the pitch of the road was having any affect on my leg given the shoe wear issue Liz noted at Dave's Performance Footgear last Sunday. I felt ok post run, some pain, but bearable. I stretched and have been icing it till I go to our monthly fire department business meeting in a few minutes (I'm going smelly too!).

Here's the note and splits I put in my running log if you're interested. I'm going to try and do another 5ish miles tomorrow morning before heading into my friend, Vicki's, classroom to screw up her 4th graders. Hehehe.

On a side note, cause I don't feel like creating a separate post, The 7th Grade Lady Broncos are now 9 and 0 defeating Saline yesterday by a score of 24 - 5!! It really was much closer than the score would indicate as they went into the final period up only 6 - 5, but their stellar and stifling defense created a plethora of turnovers in the final period which catapulted the Broncos to the awesome victory! Am I full of it or what? Now, Mar, how many misspellings do I have in there with some of dem werds? I can haz speil cheque?

Have a lovely night everyone!


Mar said...

Hey you

Just wanted to pop in and say hiya. I've been thinking about ya and hoping your feeling better. I was going to call today and see if we could have a 'boy this sucks' discussion but I was too busy feeling sorry for myself:)

Lemme know how you're doing..

Rick said...

Hey! Thanks, Mar! Not really feeling any better, but also not feeling any worse, which is a good thing in my book considering a week ago last Monday night I could barely walk. Had runs two days in a row and not feeling too poorly so, that's a good thing. Saturday's long run will be a big barometer on how the rest of this marathon training will go.

You get well yourself! I'll be praying for your RAPID healing. What's the status on the San Diego plans?

Mar said...

It would seem SD is in the toilet. Gonna wait o see if I can get a 14 LSR in next weekend. If not, I'm gonna hafta bail:(