Sunday, March 2, 2008

Congratulations Sara and Ryan!!

My fellow RunningAHEAD (RA) marathoner in training friend, Sara, who is an amazing young woman I wrote about in this post, was proposed to this past Friday, Leap Day, and is now an amazing and engaged young woman. Her fiance, Ryan, planned the most incredible and romantic proposal surprise for Sara that you can read about here on her blog, Running from the Law. If you have a single romantic bone in your body you have to read Sara's details of this proposal because Ryan hit it out of the park and it will melt your heart! My heartiest congratulations to you both, Ryan and Sara! Ryan is an avid fly-fisherman and Sara recently posted about an annual fishing trip that Ryan took in which he caught the elusive "catch of a lifetime", but I'd say he just surpassed that catch. Again, congratulations my running and fishing friends! May your catch always remain fresh and your steps in this distance run they call marriage be light and easy. Blessings to you both!


Marcus Schantz said...

She has nice nails!

Rick said...

Yes, she does.

Sara said...

Thanks Rick!!! That's so sweet of you to post! I'm absolutley thrilled and so excited. It was such an amazing night. He really surprised me with all the effort. No date set as of yet. We both want to get married in the mountains, so we're planning some scouting trips out to Breckenridge, Aspen, and Jackson Hole. This should be fun!!

--By the way, I got up super early the next morning to get a manicure done b/c I knew everyone would be looking at my nails!! They never look this nice.

Rick said...

I vote for Jackson Hole. I was there as a kid (10) and still have pictures burned in my memory of that place!

Good, and quick, thinking on the nails. Tammy liked them as well.