Sunday, March 9, 2008

Other Random Pics

This is simply a railroad bridge over the Huron River in South Rockwood, Michigan. I thought it was quant.These are some of the beautiful old homes in some of the better old neighborhoods of downtown Detroit. It really isn't all ghetto-type neighborhoods as most people would probably conjure images of unfamiliar to this city. Not that they don't exist as well, as I've been in many of them - I think that is another reason I took up running! I just thought it would be cool for some of you, who would have negative images or impressions of Detroit, to see some of the beauty that is the City of Detroit. And then there is the, "Ya just don't see this everyday" pic of a dude towing a boat in Michigan the day after a winter storm?!? He's gonna waste all of his fishing time cutting a whole in the ice big enough to get his boat in!

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