Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"I Got a Pretzel In My Head"

That quote is from the Cal Naughton Jr. character in Talladega Nights when Ricky Bobby - the Will Ferrell character - is making a comeback racing against his former teamate, Cal, following a bad crash. Cal's trying to psyche Ricky out using psychology and thinks that Ricky is using reverse psychology back on him and gets himself all confused to the extent that he says his mind's all twisted up like a pretzel and he says, "I got a pretzel in my head!"

Well, that's kinda how I feel about this marathon race at this point. I have totally lost confidence in myself and my body, I don't want to go out and do my run right now because I fear that I will just make my injuries worse again to the point that I can't run and won't be able to in the marathon and, am just generally psyching myself out. Every little ache and pain I feel now I think, "Oh my gosh! I'm not going to be able to make it to this race!" I was doing so well in my preparation for this race and now I feel as though I will just be going through the motions with the balance of training that I think I can do, which is NOT what the training plan I was following called for, and that it will not suffice. GAH!

So, thanks for reading/listening. I just needed to vent and rant for a bit. I have faith that my head will come around. I just need a few good runs without serious pain or better yet, diminishing pain, that will bolster my confidence. I just felt today that the week I took off to try and heal up a bit has totally gotten me off track and derailed my marathon now. That remains to be seen though so, I shouldn't count myself out before I even get to the starting line, which is the goal at this point.

On a lighter note, this is my favorite scene from that movie... a little language, youthful attitude, and sexual innuendo so, don't open it if there are kids around. This scene cracks me up! Levity needed!


Tim Wilson said...


I understand how you are feeling. Don't get down on yourself, you have put in a lot of good miles and you are where you need to be. Sure you could use more, and would like more training, but take the cards you are dealt and lets do this!

You will be fine, hopefully you will have those good (almost) pain free runs that you are looking for, but if not don't give up hope... you have come to far to lose hope! You are better trained already than many that lace up the marathon shoes, and you have taken a methodical approach, when so many others take it the lackadaisical approach.

You will do great! Keep looking up!

Take care of yourself, and keep listening to your body!

Rick said...

Thanks for the rousing boost, Tim. I do truly appreciate it. I am feeling better today (in the head) than I did when I wrote this post. I got another 5.5 miles in today and felt no better, but no worse, than I did yesterday so, that is hopeful.

Thanks again for the encouragement! It means a lot to me at this stage of the game.

Jennifer said...

Oh Rick! ((hugs)) You're gonna do great! It's a frustrating part of the training when you start to get those nagging aches and pains that might be injury, but more likely just the peak training fatigue. It's a tough place to be, wrestling with ourselves and trying to find the confidence to go on. But you ARE well trained, even if you need to take it down a notch between now and then to give yourself some room for recovery.

I just want you to know, you aren't alone! Don't give up. Hopefully this vacation will be just what the Dr. ordered and you'll come back feeling refreshed and more sure of yourself!

Jennifer said...

ha! I'm a little late on this post...oops!