Monday, March 3, 2008

Game On... For Now

This is the post I put on a thread on RA about my run this morning. So far, so good as far as how I'm feeling right now. I'm just going to take things nice and easy from here on out. Here's the post:

So, I got out this morning for an easy 4.5 miles after taking a full week off. My right lower leg still hurt, especially early in the run, but the pain eased up to discomfort further into the run beginning like at 1.25 miles. I ran at our local school track because it is flat and also has a rubberized surface. That was about 3 hours ago now and when I got home, I stretched and Saran-wrapped an ice bag to my lower leg for about 15 minutes, and I'm not having any pain to speak of while I walk around now. I'm going to taper back my training plan to 3 midweek runs of shorter lengths and then 1 long run on Saturday and try and coast into the marathon on April 13. I now have no time goal and will be looking to just finish the race upright provided my tapered back training can continue.

I'm thinkin' this likely is not a stress fracture either because I do not believe that the pain would lessen further into a run. More likely soft-tissue, like tendons inflamed from over use, which would make more sense. So, perhaps an easier running schedule at easier paces will see me through. Time will tell.


Zoomy said...

Rick, I had something like this at one point...I think it was sort of behind my knee (don't even recall which knee, at this point...probably right--it's always the right side). Hurt and felt really off/weak for maybe a mile into each run, then it would ease-up and not bother me at all. I also think it was muscular or tendon-related. I hope your own issues will heal and stop bothering you soon. I'm sorry that your original goal of kicking that marathon's butt is on hold...but at least it sounds like you won't be having it kick yours.


Rick said...

Thanks, Zoomie. I appreciate the note and your related experience. If I back off for a bit it may improve. My goal right now is to get through the training and finish the race.

Tim Wilson said...

Rick - great news! I am glad that your leg is doing better. Keep it up and don't get discouraged.... there will be many more Marathons to go for time goals!

Jennifer said...

oh boy! I'm so excited you got back out there! Just take it've got a 20 miler in, now all you need is to reach the start line.

My pain was in my calf too. I couldn't pin point the spot but when I went in I laid on my stomach, they flexed my foot and rubbed up the back of my calf and you could feel the lump! The real key is getting in there and rubbing out the muscle and breaking down the lumps. It was really painful...they used a spoon handle and scraped the muscle, I thought I was going to scream but it worked.

All that to say, it might help to have someone get in there and massage the tender area.

jtj3 said...

Rick I'm not a doctor (and I don't play one on TV!) but I think your assessment is probably right. A stress fracture would get worse farther into the run, not it's probably a sore/strained muscle. Wrapping it, icing up, and easing back into it are all good strategies. Just don't overdo it, and please take care of yourself!