Sunday, March 9, 2008

Oh Yea... Running...

I'm pleased to say that I slowly was building my mileage back up this past week. Most of my runs start out painful, but ease up the further into them I get. I ran a wicked 6.25 miles Saturday in an effort to attempt my long run for the week which I was hoping to do 12 - 14. Alas, the driving wind and snow out of the north at 20 mph did me in. I could not see and my eyelids kept freezing shut on my way northward on Lewis Avenue so, I cut it short to the 6.25 miles. That was a crazy run in my sole-screwed winter trainers!

Today I went out in the morning for a long run. Again I had my sights set on 12 - 14 miles, but would shorten if necessary due to any increasing pain I may have experienced in my right leg. I started the run out with Tammy for about the first 1 1/2 miles. My leg hurt somewhat badly, but quickly subsided and, by the time I left her, it wasn't bothering me at all. The muscles in my legs were fatigued through the run, but I think that was primarily due to the prior day's run. I ended up doing 14 miles in 2:15:11 for an overall pace of 9:40/mile. Here's the link to my training log if you'd like to read it. I had a most wonderful note in the snow from Tammy when I got back to the place I dropped my water bottle for pick up later in my run at about mile 8 that said simply, "I love you!". That note really lifted my spirits and helped me through the rest of my run. I love that woman! I am feeling much better about my running and today's run was a great confidence boost to me.

Anyway, my leg post-run had been doing quite well and I had very little residual pain, even after not getting to ice it right away after the run and standing on it all day at the Bedford Business Association's Annual Trade Fair in the fire department's booth (pictured below with my Station Head Officer on my left and a brother from our District 2 station on my right - I'm stationed at District 1) until lifting a patient that went about 350 pounds on the stretcher to get ready to wheel her out to the ambulance on a call later in the day. GAH! That hurt! I told myself not to do it too, to let one of the other firefighters on scene lift her, but then I thought, "ahh, I'll be fine!". Not so much. Back to the frozen vegetable bag.


Tim Wilson said...


Way to go!

It sounds like you are progressing well, good job with the long run, and it is good to hear your leg pain is starting to subside a little bit.

Your doing awesome!

Keep up the great work!

Nate and Wendy said...

Great Blog. Great meeting you yesterday at the trade fair.

Rick said...

Thanks, Tim! Your encouragement is always appreciated my running friend! When's your next race?

Thanks for dropping by Nate and Wendy. It was a pleasure to have met you both as well. I'm a big fan of the great things the Lord is doing through you both and the disciples at BCC! Keep up the great work! It's inspiring to your brothers and sisters in other congregations. ;-)

Sara said...

Great to see you back out there Rick!! Just listen to your body and take it one day at a time. Run, ice, rest, repeat. You'll be back at 100% before you know it. You've been so tough through this nasty winter - spring sunshine will be a big reward for all that hard work. Keep it up!!

Tim Wilson said...

My next race is probably going to be this Sunday. I don't like to do races on Sunday, but it is my last chance to get a 10k time so I can get seeded in the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta in July.

Keep it up, hope the leg is still holding strong!

Rick said...

Thanks, Sara. You've been doing great as well in your training! Keep up the good work.

Tim, a race in Atlanta in July just does not sound very inviting! Holy mackeral! Do they start it at 4 a.m.? Good luck in the 10k this weekend!

The leg has been quite sore today from yesterday's ignorance in lifting that patient. Man, I have to start listening to those voices in my head when they tell me NOT to do something! I rested today and I'll ice it some more before bed tonight and hopefully will be improved by tomorrow.