Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another 5.5 Miles and Another Bronco Victory

I got another 5.5 miles in this afternoon, which went about the same as yesterday's run. I'm taking tomorrow off and then plan on doing a 12 - 14 mile long run on Saturday. That run will be a telltale run for the rest of my training I kind of think. Leg feels ok tonight, residual pain, but nothing bad.

The Lady Broncos squeaked out a victory this afternoon at home against a very well-prepared, and much improved, Dexter team, 10 - 8. The girls couldn't get the offense going and again, had a lot of shots that just wouldn't fall for them. Thank goodness for their smothering defense, which salvaged the victory for them this afternoon. I think only one team this season has scored in the double digits against the Broncos ravenous defense.

The Lady Broncos are now 10 and 0 and gunning for a perfect season with only 2 games remaining next week! Good luck girls!


Kirsten said...

Rick, I have my fingers and toes crossed that your next run goes well.

Rick said...

Thanks so much K! I appreciate it!