Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Stretch to the Finish

I was able to get a total of 28.6 miles over 5 runs while on vacation last week in sunny Florida. The weather was awesome, hanging out at the beach was awesome, the lack of agendas was awesome, the time with the family and dear friends was awesome, and the relaxation was awesome. I'll post some pics and adventures we had when I have more time. Hmm... I'm posting this at 12:50 a.m. because I just finished up getting household stuff nearly caught up and work itineraries lined up for the week... when the heck do I think I'm going to have more time?

Anyway, back to running. I have now entered week 16 of 18 in my training program which is now the "taper" phase of my training where my mileage systematically decreases till the marathon. To kick off my tapering period I ran a solid 21 mile long run yesterday morning (Monday) which is the last of the long, long runs I have to do. You can read the recap of my run and see my split times on my running log here. I wanted to be sure that I could solidly do a long, long run yet. Mission accomplished and, I don't feel too terribly bad physically and yesterday's run did wonders for my confidence and mental state toward the upcoming marathon. I must confess that I was thinking of Cassy a lot yesterday during my run and what she endures on a daily basis in terms or discomfort and pain which really pulled me through some of the more difficult periods of this long run. In fact, I started wondering that since I was running this race on her behalf that if the pain I have had isn't to be but a taste of what she has gone through for the majority of her life brought on through no activity of her own, unlike mine. Anyway Cass... we kicked some major butt yesterday and... I feel like we're now ready for this race, bum leg or not. So, bring it! ;-)

Off to bed now. I will try my best to get some vacation stuff up. We had such a wonderful time and the weather was splendid! Till we got home and had 9" of newly fallen snow. As Earl's step-daughter so brilliantly observed... we had a green Christmas and a white Easter.

Good night everyone...


jtj3 said...

Bravo, Rick...great run! When you mentioned thinking about your daughter during your run, it brought to mind an episode of the Phedippidations podcast--#135, called "Who Do You Run For?" If you haven't already (and if you like podcasts) you should check it out.

I know what the pre-race excitement feels like when you hit the tapering weeks. Just get lots of rest, take care of yourself, and enjoy every minute of the pre-marathon party and the race itself. You've earned it, my friend!

Mar said...

You're home, you're home, you're home!!! Yay!!!!!!

So glad you had a good time in Florida and managed to get so much running time in:)

Awesome job on the 21 miles!! Woohoo:) Bet it felt really good to get that one in:)

Taper time is so exciting. You're going to have to write down every emotion/fear/idea you have these next two weeks so you can look back and smile after running the 26.2:)

So glad you're home and even happier that you're running is going so well.

Kirsten said...

Oh, Rick...I am SO thankful that your last long run went well. I know you were stressin' over the time you had to take off to nurse your injury. I really think your race is going to go great. Now we just need Spring to actually arrive so that you won't freeze during your race...it's snowing here as I type. Gah.



Mom on the Run said...

Way to get the 21 miles in! You're set. You know you can do 21 and the rest to get to 26.2 is just another daily run. Enjoy the taper weeks and follow jtj3's advice on the rest.

Glad to hear you had a great vacation! Thanks for the blog comments.

Rick said...

Thanks for the advice, Jim. Oh, on the podcasts... see the comment I left on your blog on your fav podcasts. ;-)

Great to hear from you Marion! We actually passed very close to your home on our way back. We were at the 26/385 (I think) split and very nearby I believe. Had we not been traveling with another family, I would have suggested we stop in, hit the Ice household up for dinner (or go out for those ribs! YUM!!), and then crash in your house overnight. Nothing like making my family at home at your home without your knowledge or consent, eh? We had a wonderful time, I am very pleased and grateful for how well my last long run went and am looking forward to the marathon - though quite a bit of nervous excitement, which I am sure you are quite familiar with. ;-)

k - I was SO relieved at completing that long run... I can't even begin to say how much that boosted my confidence about the upcoming race! Spring?!? Chah right! I was out in those flurries while you was a typin that comment. It was freezing out in that wind today! Crimey!

motr - thanks for note and encouraging words! I really do appreciate it! I'll keep checking in on you. I'm the internets most accomplished blog-stalker. ;-) Are you somewhere near Michigan City, IN? Just curious. I see your races are primarily in Michigan. We used to fish there and in New Buffalo, MI in the spring for salmon. Been a few years since we've gone though. Darn father had to go and retire and spend his winters down in southern Texas now so, we haven't gotten a spring salmon trip in in a number of years now.

Sara said...

Yay!! 21 miles!! Great run Rick!! Now you should definitely know you can do it. I'm glad to see you're back at it and feeling good and confident. Attitude is half the battle (so I've heard). We just need to stay positive and confident for the next few weeks. You're going to do great at your marathon. You've been working so hard on this, you deserve it!

Mike Fox said...

21 miles...Way to go!!!

I'm glad to hear you can run long even with the discomfort in your leg. I can't wait to read your blog posts during the taper and after the race!