Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It May Be March, But...

... winter is far from over here in Michigan. Two days ago it was 62 degrees. This morning, this was the view outside my home office window. It is quite beautiful and I love the way the snow is whisping over the edge of the roof outside my window. A new layered blanket of ice, snow, sleet, and then snow from yesterday afternoon and overnight. When I went to pick up Linds from school last evening returning for their away basketball game, the snowflakes were about the size of Rhode Island! School was cancelled today so, the girls will have to make up 1 school day in June at the end of the school year as of today. There is always the potential for more, even into April, as I recall them having a snow day in April just a few years ago.

It is quite beautiful out today so, I took a few pics for those of you who may not be tired of snow. Like my mom and dad who winter in the Rio Grande Valley of exteme southern Texas and like to tell us about the 90 degree temps they are having and how much time they are spending in the pool doing water aerobics and playing water volleyball. To that I say... every dog has it's day and even a blind squirrel finds a nut once and again. This blind squirrel will find his when we travel down to Pompano Beach, Florida a week from tomorrow. Yippee!

A pic of Chelsea's Barney-mobile blanketed in freshly fallen snow and ice.

Our humble snow-covered chalet from the east side. Tahoe tracks leaving the garage from Tammy going to work this morning.

Our humble snow-covered chalet from the west side. It looks as if someone frosted the roof of our house like a cake. Neat. The second window from the left is my office as seen looking out in the pic above. See what you're missing mom and dad. It is quite beautiful and very pristene. I wanted to get a picture of it before the snow was shoveled or tracked in. It's so clean and crisp looking. I do love it and would miss it were we to move to a warm yearly climate. Too bad you must have freezing temperatures in order to have snow.


Jim Lange said...

"Whispering over the edge...", "frosted like a cake..."

Very descriptive--I like it!

Get your snow (running) shoes on!

Rick said...

Yea... I am quite wordy. That's what all my English and Comp teachers and profs always told me... usually in red ink... "Too Wordy". Heh.

Those were the EXACT pair of shoes I planned on running in today. My homemade winter trainers. :-D

Although, the lovely sunshine that we have today should dispense with much of the snow from the roads in addition to the tireless efforts of our most-respected County Road Commission crews (no... really there was NO sarcastic tone to that comment. Seriously. Honest. Uh-ah. No how. Sincere as can be!)

Jennifer said...

I keep seeing pictures of this mysterious stuff y'all call snow, but I think someone's got some mad photoshop skillzzzzz. It can't be real.

Be careful in that stuff. I thought of you this morning as I carefully made my way through the sand on the washed up during high tide. scary!

Rick said...

Oh, it's all too real, Jennifer. It is melting nicely off the roadways though thankfully. I'll be going out shortly for a run here after I run to the bank for my parents.

The up-side of today - I did see another Robin, which means that spring is right around the corner! Yippee!