Saturday, March 1, 2008


I have the privilege of singing a song tomorrow at CrossRoads by the Christian artist, Brandon Heath, titled "I'm Not Who I Was". When I first heard this tune I was totally enamored with it. I felt it spoke a great deal about the transformation that God has done in my own heart. Actually, I misunderstood the song thinking that he was singing about how God has changed the singer's character overall, which was completely representative of me and my life. I think there is some of that to the song, but overall the message is about harboring resentment and unforgiveness toward someone close to you for something they did to you that you haven't come to terms with and need to forgive them for. I think all of us probably experience this. One of my favorite practical preachers that I listen to when I can is Joyce Meyer and I recall her saying that resentment, anger, bitterness toward someone that has wronged you is like taking poison yourself and hoping the other person dies. Take a listen to the song linked above, I think you'll find meaning from it in your life as well.

Jesus said as He forgave us, so He expects us to forgive others. Don't carry the poison of bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness in your heart, it will only serve to poison you and it crowds out the love that we're all meant to share with one another.


Jennifer said...

A-MEN!! and that does speak to me...there's a reason God has called us to be reconcile to one another. When, as Christians, we ignore this directive, we suffer. I know because there is a friend I *broke* up with almost 3 yrs ago and it was never resolved. :( It's still there. When we went to our pastors for mediation she and her dh (who was a pastor at the time) insisted they were not there for reconciliation but because she was a pastor's wife, the two of us just needed to be polite in public. We haven't spoken since.

Have fun singing that tomorrow...I will be thinking of you. I wish I had sound on my computer so I could hear it.

Rick said...

Thanks, Jennifer! The song went great, the service - about our "identity" - was awesome, and there was another song by Natalie Grant that one of our VERY gifted female vocalists sang that was simply awesome.

I'm sorry to hear about this broken relationship, but pray you have peace over it some day.