Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bad News, Worse News, Good News, and Bad News?

Bad News:

I haven't run in 3 days and my leg is still bothering me post hefty-patient lift on Monday on an EMS (emergency medical service) call with the fire department. Combined with a lack of time and "stuff" cropping up, I just haven't been able to attempt one either in all honesty.

Worse News:

It's been an eventful couple of days with work, the wrapping up of Lindsey's basketball season, her fast pitch softball tryouts, Chelsea's ACT and Michigan Merit testing, and preparation to head down to Florida over the girls' spring break for vacation. I planned on getting up early this morning, wrapping up work by uploading my latest inspections for the first few hours of what is now yesterday, going for a run, and then preparing and packing for our trip with all the odds and ends errands that must be done and whatnot.

I sat at my office desk before my computer this morning at 6:00 a.m. and began uploading my inspections. My pager went off for an EMS/rescue call shortly after I started working. I pledged to remain at my desk to diligently finish my work and then would respond to any calls the remainder of the day once my work was done during the course of packing and whatnot. My pager went off a second time shortly thereafter for a second EMS/rescue call and I again held off bolting out the door as I normally would as I really needed to get my work done for my "real" job.

I had gotten about 3 - 5 inspections uploaded when my pager goes off for the third consecutive time within about 30 minutes now for a VERY familiar address. It was my in-law's house. I shoot out from behind my desk and tear into our bedroom where Tammy is getting ready to dress after showering and drying her hair. I advise her that the call is on her mom who has C.O.P.D. (emphysema), that she needs to stay calm, we dress and make haste out the door and run down to her parents' home two houses down from us. Mom is really struggling to breath and needs transported via ambulance to the ER. I ride in with her in the back of the ambulance and we spend the rest of the morning and early afternoon in the hospital while the staff works on getting her stabilized. She's stabilized and they move her up to the ICU floor for observation. Many prayers answered.

Good News:

Lindsey's basketball team won their game at Lincoln on Tuesday by a handy margin of something like 25 - 13 and then Wednesday knocked off Adrian 17 - 2 to go undefeated on the season with a 12 - 0 record! Congratulations Lindsey and Lady Bronco teamates on a spectacular season!

Following her final basketball game, Linds had the second day of her fast pitch softball tryouts and made the team. She'll be starting those practices when we return from spring break vacation.

Bad News:

Well, some of you may consider this good news. I will be taking a break from blogging while vacationing in Pompano Beach, Florida, with our friends, the Johnston's. Not looking forward to the drive right now, but am really looking forward to the rest and relaxation and... running on the beach! Thanks Floyds for taking Carsen into your home for us while we're gone. We really appreciate it and love you guys dearly!

I'll get back with y'all after Easter Sunday. I pray you have a most blessed Easter with your families and, for those of you who believe, rejoice in the sacrifice that was made for all mankind. "Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift." 2 Corinthians 9:15

Happy Easter.


Kirsten said...

Awww...Rick, I'm so sorry to read about your MIL. I hope she makes a full recovery--COPD is some scary stuff.

Enjoy your guys definitely deserve it! Tell your leg to HTFU and let you have some blissful runs in that paradise.


Mom on the Run said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog for a couple of weeks now. Hang in there with the training (hope your leg is better soon) and have a wonderful time in Florida.

Jennifer said...

Sorry about your MIL, I hope she recovers without incident.

Congrats to your Daughter! how exciting! From basketball straight into softball season, well done!

Enjoy your vacation, stay safe and have a blessed Easter.

Tim Wilson said...

Rick - Glad everything turned out OK and hope your MIL recovers well.

Have a good - strike that - GREAT! vacation..... and shout out when you pass Atlanta! You probably are coming through here right about now as a matter of fact - enjoy the rain - we don't get very much of it :)

Hope your leg starts feeling better and you can get some good beach runs in.

Take Care!

Mar said...

K Rick...

time to come home...

Just telling ya..having "Lack of Rick" issues:)

Jennifer said...

yeah, what Mar said! hope you are having a blast!

Alan said...

I finally made my way over here!!!
I hope you had a great vacation and a blessed Easter. I look forward to more good reading.

Anonymous said...

Yo Rick -

JakeKnight from RA here. You still running GCM?

I'll be there and I've already registered. I may (or may not!) be running it as a goal race but either way I'd like to hook up at the start or finish.

Drop me an e-mail if you're still going.