Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bipolar Winter Weather Continues

Yesterday I did my inspections in an assortment of weather conditions ranging from rain, to sleet and freezing rain, to snow in the northern most reaches of my territory. When I got home in the afternoon, a 4 mile run was on the agenda according to my training program. It was raining like crazy when I got home and hovering just above freezing. I decided I didn't need to earn a medal for a 4 mile run and would make it up. Instead I uploaded my inspections on the computer while Tammy and Lindsey went to dinner at Maggie's, the restaurant where Chelsea works in town. By the time they got back, we had about two inches of snow as the rain changed over and it was coming down quite hard. I finished up my inspections and headed to our monthly business meeting at the fire station.

I got the 4 miles in around lunchtime today on the freshly covered snowy roads. It's much like running in loose sand. I am not complaining because our winter could be much worse than it has been in not allowing me to get outside to get my runs in at all. But, I am really tired of running in the snow, and not from the standpoint of simply running in the snow, but sharing the roads with traffic that really don't care what the road conditions are like or that there is an approaching runner/pedestrian that in their minds has no right to be out on the roads in weather like this! GAH!

Today, I even had a local school bus driver not budge an inch from their lane, and I was running on the shoulder in the snow mind you, and they just about took my head off with their ginormous bus mirror by not moving over at all. And, it ain't like I'm not HIGHLY visible because I either wear a hunter orange snow cap, a neon reflective front and back vest, or both. Apparently they work as attractants though. Enough whining.

I have 9 miles scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully the roads/shoulders will be cleared up a bit my tomorrow afternoon. Then Saturday is a lower mileage long run of 12 miles before things start ramping up for my long runs in the coming weeks on Saturdays (19, then 20, then 12, then 20, then 12, then 20... whew). If that series of long runs don't whoop me into shape for this marathon, I may as well call it quits!

Lindsey's basketball team has a home game this afternoon. I'll let you know how they do later.


larchmeany said...

You need to be careful out there on the roads, Rick. We need some running zones around here...maybe some paths through neighborhoods and through the country roads for runners and can only do Indian Creek so many times...and that's if it's not wet. I admire your tenacity. I haven't run in a looooooooooong time. I need to get back to it. In reality, it won't be until May when I can do it consistently, since I'm uber busy with college classes and school and kids and selling the house and and and and...but I'll be back out there. Kudos to you.

Rick said...

Thanks, Earl. It has taken some tenacity for sure on long run Saturday mornings when the roads are cruddy. Trying to figure out where I'm going to run is half the battle! I'm thinking Indian Creek right now is all sinking quicksand.

April 13th... be there... or be squared! Along the race course that is. The sweet thing about spectating me is that you'll be able to go to church, have breakfast afterwards, stop for a latte somewhere, see what they have at the fruit market, and STILL be able to catch me coming in to finish downtown(hopefully). :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Ernie B said...

Hey rick, watch out for safety!!!! Some of those bus drivers are quite rude, next time get the bus number and call transportation.. cause if this happens to you it could happen to any kid standing on the side of the road. Seriously..

Mar said...

I wish our city would have designated running/biking lanes. It would make running so much safer. I have had those idiot drivers that are either not paying attention or are trying to scare the pants off me while running. I usually end up giving them a lovely hand gesture and keep going.

I admire ya, Rick. I afraid I would have resorted to the old treadmill weeks ago LOL:)

Keep up the great work and try not to get run over. Maybe ya need a bright flashing light on your head, one on your back and one on each foot. At least it'll entertain the drivers :)