Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First 10 Miler of the Week Down

One down, one to go... along with a 5 miler, and then a 20 miler on Saturday. This training week repeats itself twice. The run today went pretty well. If you'd care to see how that run went specifically and my splits, you can click on my log here. It was brutally cold and windy, as usual, but at least we didn't get the dumping of snow that the west side of the state received. After the run, I dropped into my chiro's office, Dr. Daryl Lajiness at Lifestyle Chiropractic, and he tuned up my low back and left hip, left shoulder and neck, and right ankle, which have been bothering me since my long 19 mile run this past Saturday. I feel much, much better. He's da man! His wife, Dr. Reyna, is also a D.C., and was a collegiate diver at the University of Toledo and I believe an Olympic diver for Team Canada. Cool, huh?!? Or, I should say - cool, eh?!?

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Mar said...

Thinkin' about ya, Newmie.

Hope you're feeling better. I hate to think you're having to run with pain. It really sucks. Then running with pain and miserable weather...gah!

Update and tell me how you is..:)