Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Second 5 Miler of the Week

This was supposed to be a simple, easy, nothing fancy, 5 mile run according to my training plan. I went out this afternoon with that completely in mind. As I got through the first mile of the run, I was feeling pretty good so, I just kept pushing the tempo. Mind you, my right lower leg is still not feeling *good*, but it got better longer into my run and, oddly enough, the faster I went. Must be the endorphines I've heard and read about, but never experienced myself! HA! So, while I am still feeling a bit battered physically, primarily my right lower leg, I was still able to bust these mile split times (which are exceptionally fast for me on a training run):

1: 8:56
2: 8:37
3: 8:21
4: 8:15
5: 7:47

I think that the last mile is the first sub-8 minute mile pace I have ran since I began running in January 2006.

On to the Vitamin I and ice now. (C;

1 comment:

Tim Wilson said...

Wow Rick - very impressive training run!

Great job! and take care of that leg!