Monday, February 11, 2008

Ran 4 this Afternoon

The run was cold, 14 degrees with a slight wind for a "real feel" (don'tcha just love meteorology-speak) of 9, but the running company was hot, both literally and figuratively, as I did my run with Tammy. She doesn't regulate body temp well, so she gets easily over-heated and rather likes this weather to run in. I am a normal warm blooded mammal and hence, my face and fingers were frozen at the end of our run. Our average pace was 10:30/mile and very consistent, within 7 seconds for the 4 miles. I like that. She's my favorite running buddy.

Tomorrow I have to try and squeeze in 9 at some point during the day. Maybe an early run, but we are supposed to get 2 - 4 inches of snow overnight. If that is the case, I may bag the run for the day as Lindsey has an away basketball game at 4:00. I've been very good about getting my miles in so, it doesn't bother me if I miss a day here and there.


Anonymous said...

Lindsey wont have her game tomorrow because school will be cancelled....
tami evans

Anonymous said...

i left your blog up while i was changing joel... i hear keira in here CRACKING UP! she yells, "mom, you gotta take a look at this funny picture. rick and tammy are sooo funny. come look!" she loved the photo. great job, by the way. i see you out runnin' just about every time i'm behind the wheel. makes me feel fat and lazy to be driving the truck somewhere! keep it up! if you can do it in this weather, just think how well you'll do this spring!! great job!
amy d.

Rick said...

Close, but no C-gar, Mizz Tami Sue! No game, but as you well know, school was in session. Game did get cancelled this afternoon though due to the weather. Now tomorrow may be a different story.

Tell Troy I really enjoyed the game dinner Saturday and hangin' out wit him, his bro, sonage, and co-worker. Oh, and Suliers. His brother and Tony are a HOOT!

I thought I was smellin' sumfin' stinky, Amy. Musta been Joel. BAH! I crack me up! Keira's right, rick and tammy are sooo funny. Your kids are so dang smart! Actually, we were imitating our children when we were down at my sister's at Thanksgiving. So, technically, Chels and Linds are the funny ones!

Thanks for the kind words, Amy. I really can use them now (as I sit here looking out my office window watching more snowfall as I am typing this thinking I have a 9 mile run to make up somehow). The running's been good so far, but I am tiring of battling Mother Nature. So, I appreciate your kudos and hoorah! I needed it!

Sara McCarty said...

Why is it so cold???!!! I'm tired of this weather. I'm in desperate need of some sunshine!

That's so cool that Tammy's your running buddy. Ryan's working on his "running," but he won't get off the treadmill yet.

Don't worry about missing your 9 miler. You're allowed a skip day here and there. You've been incredibly consistent with your runs, so you can miss a day if necessary. Your mileage is WAY up there! Great job on that!

Mar said...

You guys are cute:) Love the pic!

I'm neck deep in nerves (y'know, the ones I said weren't there) and I'm in hiding mode. I tend to crawl inside myself when I'm wigged. LOL And um, I'm wigged.... :)