Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pics from the Road Yesterday

I got a kick out of these. The first I was getting gas in Warren or Sterling Heights or somewhere up there and I hear talking at the pump. I just thought it was piped in recorded ads like you hear through a speaker until I was cleaning the salt off the windows and took a look at the pump and saw there were television monitors on top of every pump on both sides and there were weather reports and forecasts and news and stuff going on. I'm thinkin' we're getting a little too electronic that we need to entertain ourselves with tv while we're pumping gas now?!? Just my thoughts.

Then the next is from a wee-little town called Waltz, just off I-275, that I have been by several times, and everytime I do go by this I first of all bust out laughing and then think, "I need to take a picture of this and send it in to Leno or Letterman!" Well, I finally stopped and snapped the pic yesterday. Anyone else find this next picture amusing?

"Yea, I'll just be taking these here Huggies, bread, milk, bologna, and pudding and, do you think you could give my Ford a hook and tow it over to BJ's Automotive and Produce Stand for some work on the transmission? Oh, and also, I have a flat tire that needs plugged in the trunk of my Dodge out in the parking lot. Gimmee that thar pack of Juicy Fruit, too. Thanks."

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Zachrich Family said...

Good photos. In the town I grew up in NW Ohio we had a store that sold appliances, deli sandwiches, gifts, gas, video rentals, plumbing supplies, and really anything we would need.