Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Benching Myself Temporarily

As much as I don't want to and, as well as my runs have been going, especially my 20 mile long run this past Saturday, I really must bench myself for the rest of this week #12 in my training program. After my 20 mile run on Saturday I felt pretty good physically, better than the prior Saturday's 19 miler, though my left knee and right lower leg did hurt.

The pain in my right lower leg worsened Saturday evening into night as we were at the Grease program at the high school. I couldn't get comfortable in my auditorium seat and my leg was pretty much throbbing the whole night. Sunday, after a night's rest and some vitamin I, and not doing much of anything other than going to church, it felt a bit better. Tammy made a fabulous pork roast with potatoes and carrots and gravy, along with Yorkshire pudding (typically made accompanying a beef roast however, her mom had a hankering for it) which we were to have her parents down for. Her mom was not feeling well so, we had to pork out on the delicious dinner ourselves with her dad coming down to fix himself a take home plate. I basically had to add the dinner note to brag about Tammy's cooking. Yum! She's so awesome!

Monday I got my inspections uploaded and, at the end of the day felt well enough to do my scheduled 5 mile run. I headed out around 4:00 on a very slow pace for a shorter run and the first mile or two I was just about hobbling due to the pain in my right lower leg. I would rate it as an 8/10 with 10 being the worst pain you have ever experienced in your life (childbirth-severity pain for you mothers out there - to which I know you're all saying to me in your heads, "you have no IDEA pal!"). It did get slightly better into my run, but there was still a significant amount of pain by the time I was done as well.

I thought, as has been my experience for about the last 2 weeks, that the pain would subside with rest overnight however, today it feels about as bad as it did when I stopped running last evening and was so bad last night that it kept me awake. It feels as though someone has struck me with a sledgehammer in the lower leg just above the inside part of my ankle without shattering the bone.

So, I have benched myself for the rest of the week and will be resting it, icing it, elevating it when I can, in an effort to heal up to perhaps start up my training program again next Monday. I really hate to do this, but this is probably one of the best weeks to do so in that it is a step down mileage week and I won't be missing out on a lot of miles and I fear that should I try to continue to train I will be out of service indefinitely. In fact, at this point, I'm not sure what will come of this. If I feel as though my leg is healed up well enough to start running again next week and it starts acting up right away again, I may have to see a doc to see what's really up with the leg and plan on a fall race or even later.

A lot of uncertainty right now. While it would be disappointing if I had to bail on this race now with all the training I have put in already to date (in bitter cold temps, with blustery winds, in snow and ice, and rain and...), I know there is still a marathon in my future at some point so, I'm ok with whatever happens. I've already accomplished WAY MORE than I ever thought I could with my running training and I'm grateful for that. I know God's in control and He knows what's best for me. Not that I won't be praying for a miracle. ;-)


Tim Wilson said...

Rick - I think you are wise. I know how hard it is to slow down and rest, but your leg needs it. I hope and pray that it will feel better for you come Monday and you can get back at it!

Take care of yourself!

And whatever comes of it, you will do a marathon!

Keep your positive attitude, it is awesome.

zoom-zoom said...

Oh, no! Rick, tell your leg to HTFU!

I hope this is just a short-lived set-back. Your training is going SO well. My right knee has been kinda crabby lately and I think it's all the running on loose, slippery garbage that is causing it. Spring cannot get her quickly enough!

Might it be time for new shoes? Or different shoes? My knees are always the first thing to tell me (or my shins) if a shoe is not right or needs to be retired. I hope your pains are something simple to remedy like this.

Rick said...

Thanks Tim and Zoomie. My training was going well Zoomie so, it will be a bummer if this derails my spring marathon.

I am fairly certain that it is not the shoes Zoomie, as both pair I am alternating, Mizuno Waverider 10's and ASICS 2120's, are both relatively new and the former was fitted by a pro at a running shop. This has been something I have been feeling the last couple of weeks which has slowly gotten worse and the 10 miler and 20 miler back to back I think did it in. Hopefully just some simple rest, icing, and vitamin I will do the trick.

My plan: Do the above, try a run next Monday. If any residual pain, stop the run and repeat the rest, ice, vit I/naproxen. Try a run again the following Monday, if pain still present - see doctor and likely bail on this spring marathon.

I think your stuff is Zoomie is probably all due to the bad footing from the winter weather runs. Gah! You take care out there as well!

Mar said...


I'm *so* sorry you're having trouble. I'm sure you'll recover just fine and be back to running in no time at all!

You have to know you're making the right choice. It's good that you recognized the pain and you're going to give your body the rest it's asking for.

BTW, I'm trying not to look at the pace charts either. Heck, you've got so much mileage under your belt, you've got NOTHING to worry about:)

Oh and hey, I'm sorry about the mobile battery today. What a horrible time to run out of battery time! :( I'll check with ya tomorrow, if that's ok with you?

Rick said...

That's fine, Mar. Just make sure you charge your battery. Hey, someone made fun of my forehead tonight at drill at the fire station.

Anonymous said...

Argh, that's a tough break, Rick. Get rested up and ease back into it, and everything will fall into place! Best wishes for a fast recovery!


Jennifer said...

oh no! :( I'm sorry to hear that! I'm glad you are taking a break, I think that's smart. I wish I could hook you up with my Dr. he's helping me a lot.

at least you don't disappear and pout like me! you are such an inspiration :-)

Sara said...

I think this is a very smart move. Better to be on the safe and conservative side now and not push too hard and seriously injure yourself. You've done so well in your training, you could run the marathon tomorrow and be fine. Rest and relax. You'll be back on your feet before you know it. Good luck!! I'll be thinking about you!!