Friday, February 22, 2008

Catchin' Up Catch-All

First things first, Lindsey's basketball team won their away game yesterday afternoon against Saline, 20 - 8, so the 7th grade Lady Broncos are STILL undefeated with a record of 7 - 0!! Woohoo! Way to go girls. Linds's (I'm always confuzed on the plural possessive things, perhaps and English major could help me out here) scoring streak was broken in this game, but she still played well contributing under the basket in rebounding and did well defensively. Congrats girls!

Yesterday was a day of rest for me from running, though I had considered doing my 10 miler so that I didn't have it back to back with my 20 miler on Saturday. I ran out of time in the day yesterday though and also figured that Hal Higdon, the running guru who's training plan I am following, has it scheduled that way for a reason so, I got the 10 miler in a little while ago.

I felt pretty good, though my right lower leg is still hurting, and my left knee feels like someone is sticking a knife into the joint. Both are just pain issues and not debilitating, it's just a painful nuisance and, both pains lighten up a bit more into my runs. My lower leg feels like someone has taken a hammer to, so there is quite a bit of discomfort there when I first start out running. Anyway, it was a beautiful afternoon, sunny with light winds, and the run was great! I set out to do a 9:30 minute per mile average pace, but when I checked my first mile I was at 9:00 minutes per mile and felt good so, I just tried to stay consistent at that pace and was, quite well I might add. Here's the splits, which I am thrilled with:


1: 9:07
2: 8:57
3: 9:03
4: 9:01
5: 8:53
6: 9:01
7: 9:03
8: 9:03
9: 8:57
10: 8:42

Now, if I can just keep that up for another 16.2 miles, I'll get my sub-4 hour marathon time! HA!

Heading out to a wine tasting party at our friends', Jeremy & Cindy's home now, with some other couples from church (I know... SINNERS!), and appetizers. We, yea right, what the heck am I talking about... I mean, Tammy, made an artichoke dip that is warming in the oven right now. Smells wonderful! Anyway, each couple is bringing a bottle of their favorite wine and we're covering the labels to see if anyone can figure out what kind it is.

I'll have to drink lots of water too cause I have my first 20 mile long run tomorrow! AHHHHHHHHH! I just have to remember, Phillipians 4:13, my life verse from when I was baptized (look it up).

I took some pictures today on the road of a couple of things that caught my eye that I'll post later. Have a GREAT weekend everyone!


Tim Wilson said...


Look at Mr. Consistent!

You could have made up consistent times like that!

Hope your legs start to feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Rick can do all things through Christ who strengthens him...also Ben's life verse!
tami evans

Rick said...

Gold star for you, Tami Sue.

Thanks, Tim. I am supremely stoked about the consistent splits! Hope works going ok for you my friend.