Monday, February 18, 2008

Lots O'Miles This Week

This is the first of my heaviest mileage weeks in my training program and, comes at a time that I am physically feeling my worst so far in the course of this training. I have runs of 5 miles, 10 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles, and then 20 miles on Saturday for a total of 50 miles for the week. There will be 3 such weeks as this in this training program. Bizarre, just a scant 5 months ago and that was my monthly total for September, 53.9 miles. Cassy, we've come a long way baby!

I did my first 5 mile run, the first 1.4 of it with Tammy, this evening in about 25 mph winds gusting to Lord knows what. It was so strong it literally blew me sideways a few times when it was a cross wind. Crazy. It's funny, though I was having some pain issues with my legs, a 5 mile run doesn't tire me out in the least bit any more, not even in the conditions I ran it in this evening. It's amazing how far along I have progressed when I reflect back on my early on running.

Tomorrow is a 10 miler. I think the winds are supposed to die down, but temps are to get colder in the low 20's. I'm pretty used to that though. I am so looking forward to running comfortably in shorts and a light tech shirt. I promise I won't complain about it being too hot. Yea, right.


zoom-zoom said...

Wow...way to rack up the miles!

Tim Wilson said...

You will do great Rick!

That bunny will never catch you!!

Mar said...

Wow, 50 miles this week!!

Good for you!!

Hopefully the weather will warm up for you soon. I'm def.looking forward to training in the spring/summer this year. That winter stuff is terrible! (And you had it much worse that I did!..big strong man, you!)

Oh and kudos to Tammy for running with ya. I think they should give out spouse medals at marathons. And she deserves two!!:)

Rick said...

Thanks, everyone. I'm just trying to hold up and endure the mileage.

I agree, Mar, both on the winter training (it's blasted windy again today and freezing cold to boot) and the spouse's deserving of medals.

Thanks for the notes guys, I really do appreciate it!

Sara said...

Go Rick go!! 50 miles is awesome!!! You're my hero!! That is some serious mileage. You're made such amazing progress. You deserve a GOLD STAR!!

I've got a 20 miler scheduled for this weekend too, I was just nervous, but now I'm full blown sick again! Not feeling as bad as last time, just lots of snot. I'm blaming the weather.

Jennifer said...

hey, I reognize those Int II mileage numbers anywhere! It's amazing how your body will adapt and strengthen and those 5 milers seem easy 10 weeks into training! It's going to pay off, no worries!

Rick said...

Thanks, Sara and Jennifer. Sara, you sound more like a school teacher than an attorney with the gold star talk. ;-)

Jennifer I appreciate your input so much as I knew you had followed that marathon program yourself.