Thursday, February 28, 2008

Magnet in Waiting

Tammy and I got this nice Thank You card in the mail this past week from my running "dotcomrade", Marion, as we had flowers delivered to her hotel room at Myrtle Beach as a surprise which were waiting for her when she and her husband, Todd, checked into their room the day before her first marathon, the Myrtle Beach Marathon, on 02/16/08 (which she rocked at like 4 hours and 9 minutes!). I thought it would be a neat thing to do to encourage her and to try to get her mind off the race and the anxiety just a wee-bit, if that was possible. She also included a very cool 26.2 vehicle magnet for me in the card to have ready after I completed my marathon in April. Well, I'm not certain that it will be in April or not at this point, but Mar, there will come a day my running friend and, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your very thoughtful gift.

Now, before I benched myself this week, I had my highest weekly running mileage total last week of like 51 miles. That represents over 8 hours outside in the elements running, many of which last week were on sunny (yea), but cold, days. Since they were cold, I wore a hat on all of the runs... can you tell?!? LOOOOOser tanline on the forehead. DOH!


Mar said...


Are you sure you're old enough to drive?? You look so young!! Tammy must be taking excellent care of you:)

51 I think my highest mileage week was a 43? I can't imagine tacking another 8 miles on that week. I remember that week well:) Getting the 43 in was difficult enough.

Lovin' the tan line! I can't believe you're walking around in February with a tan line.

Hope your leg is feeling better. Is the rest helping it?

I really love the pic- so much so, I'm gonna snag it for my blog, if ya don't mind? Glad you like the magnet. It'll be on your car sooner than you think:)

Your friend,

Rick said...

I remember your 43 mile week too, Mar. I can't believe the tan line either. What a dork! Can't help it though, cause my head would freeze otherwise. As you can see, I don't keep a lot of hair. My leg is feeling about 50% better, thanks for asking. Perhaps the next couple more days of rest will get it closer to 100%. Feel free to use the LOOOOser pic. Tammy does take very good care of me, but the grey hairs and crows feet are beginning to give me away.

zoom-zoom said...

Tan line...?!'re not allowed tan lines in MI in Feb.!


I hope your time on the bench is short-lived. That sticker is way cool.

51 miles...holy moly. That's almost double what I'm currently running. I can't even imagine that in a MI Winter. You are hardcore, man!


Rick said...

Thanks so much, Zoomie. I appreciate the comments. You're rockin' it in the record snowfall too though, tough-girl! I know, I was stunned when I came in last Saturday and looked in the mirror! I thought my forehead was dirty and then realized it was a tan line! ROFL I think Tammy actually asked me, "What's all over your forehead?"

Tim Wilson said...

That tan line is too funny. I always wear a hat too, but I do most of my running before any sun thinks about coming up luckily!

You will be able to use that magnet soon enough, in fact you better get out there and test it out and clean the car up a bit so you know where it is going to go and it is clean and ready for it!

Glad to hear the leg is starting to feel better, I hope it is near 100% Monday when you hit the roads again.