Saturday, February 16, 2008

Casting Crowns Concert

I had gotten tickets to the Castings Crowns concert a couple months ago for Tammy, Chelsea, and Lindsey's Valentine's Day presents and the concert was last night up at Eastern Michigan University's Convocation Center. They're Lindsey's favorite Christian band and a favorite of our whole family. We've seen once before. The concert was awesome and we had a great time! Here's a few more pics of the concert. The pic of the image on the screen with Mark Hall, the lead singer for the group, was painted by a guy during the course of the song, "Voice of Truth", and they split screened it on the video screen with Mark toward the end of the song. Very powerful!

One of my dates for the evening. Isn't she lovely! :-)

The band doing the song, "Praise you in the Storm".

My girls enjoying the concert. I am so blessed!

Casting Crowns drummer going gonzo in about a 5 minute solo-spot. This guy is HUGE! He reminds me of Uncle Fester on steroids. And... he totally rocks!

The concert was awesome and I hope the girls had a good time. I know I did just being with all of them. Love you girls!

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ASH said...

Cool! See this... Casting Crowns video