Thursday, February 28, 2008

Prayer Request for the Zachrich Family

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know of the plight that Bettyjo Zachrich, my bosse's wife, has undergone following a cervical spine surgery. If not, you can read about her trials since the surgery here to get the details.

She is right now, as far as I know, at this moment, in surgery to have an esophagus "built" in her neck at the Cleveland Clinic. This is following a long ordeal of a non-healing lesion in her esophagus and infection complications following the cervical spine surgery she had prior to LAST Easter. This has been such a long, arduous, and hope diminishing experience for Bettyjo, Bob, and their girls, Brenda and Emily.

Would you please take a moment to lift Bettyjo up in prayer that this surgery will be successful, without complications, and that her healing would be complete once she recovers from it. Also, please pray for peace and comfort for Bob and the girls. If you'd like to, you can leave some encouraging comments, words, or prayer directly at the Zachrich Family Times blog. Just click on the highlighted link to the blog. I know they sure would appreciate the encouragement.

May God bless you all Zachrich family and this surgery be the end to this long ordeal.

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Ernie B said...

Rick I have this nailed on my forehead, after all I had two brain surgeries and other things taken care of at CCF, I know they are going to be at the best place, and I know GOD is going to have a hand in this.

If you want to go down for the day let me know as I do it everyday! except for weekends.