Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tickled to Near-Death

I just got back from my long run. Before I go into that, I should announce that Lindsey and Sami got a "1" rating, the highest rating, on their duet at Solo & Ensemble today and earned a blue medal! WAY TO GO GIRLS! YOU DID AWESOME! Sami also got a "1" rating on her solo she performed as well so, earned a second blue medal. Congratulations, Sami! We're very proud of both of you and all your hard work and brilliant perfomances! ;-)

I'm whipped and have to stretch yet and shower and head out to rehearsal at church and then meet the family at Texas Roadhouse for Lindsey's 13th birthday dinner so, I'm just posting my notes from my log on RunningAHEAD here on my long run of 17 miles today. Another new furthest milestone for me. I felt really strong on this run and am very thankful for that confidence boost. :-)

Summary details:

Miles ran: 17
Total time: 2:42:37
Avg. pace/mile: 9:34
Calories burned: 2,355

Here's the notes I put on my log:

Very good long run in crappy conditions given the snowfall we had yesterday and the road shoulders having about 6 - 8 inches of plowed snow on them so, I had no choice but to run on the roads, which made me nervous since vehicle traffic isn't very accommodating even when I'm on the shoulders. Everyone was pretty cool though with the exception of a couple of vehicles which did not give way at all.

Anyway, overall, I felt pretty darn good especially given the fact that I physically felt beat up even before going on the run. I shoveled a lot of snow yesterday and my low back was killing me and my neck and shoulders. NONE of this bothered me during my run however! I was amazed. I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow, but I'm tickled at how good I felt during my run. My knees got to aching around mile 5 or 6, but held up quite well and probably due to running on all pavement. I did wear my brace on my right knee and before I put it on I put body glide on the side where it rubbed last week and I had no issues this week. Garmin says I burned 2,355 calories.

Took a gel at mile 7 and 12 with water after each, a total of one 16.9 oz. bottle. That was fine. I do have some blisters on the bottom of my feet from them getting wet and rubbing at the very end of my run, like the last 2 miles. Here's the mile split times:

1: 9:27

2: 9:40
3: 9:46
4: 9:54
5: 9:55
6: 9:54
7: 9:48
8: 9:51
9: 9:36
10: 9:50
11: 9:46
12: 9:39
13: 9:24
14: 9:14
15: 9:10
16: 9:02
17: 8:39

Pretty happy with that. In fact, I am tickled... to near death. :-)

Focker... out.


Lindsey said...

good job on your run dad! And you are so weird what is focker out??

Mar said...

Great job on your run, Rick! 17 wonder you're thrilled! What an accomplishment. Congrats are in order:)

Your splits look great. Keep up the great work, Rick. I'm so very proud of ya!

Rick said...

Thanks, Linds. "Focker... out." is from Meet the Fockers. I am not weird... I'm ordinarily-challenged. :-P
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone. (I always tell this to my family when they're commenting on what a dork they think I am)

Thanks, Marion. I was pretty happy with today's run. I felt pretty strong. I'll never be as fast as you, but it was nice to have the stamina to have negative splits from mile 10 on.

Good to hear from you! ;-)

Jennifer said...

wow! congrats on that tough 17miler! See, how can I really complain about rain? LOL! You ran that perfectly too...nice splits!! You are definitely running strong.

Congrats to your daughters!

Sara said...

Congrats on your 17 miler!! That's really awesome!! I'm amazed at how similar our long runs were this weekend. Both of us had our longest run to date, in snowy/icy weather, dodging cars and dealing with back/leg pain. I'm so very proud of us both for getting out there and getting our miles in!! Way to HTFU!!

Tim Wilson said...

Wow, Rick - you rock!

A new distance, with tough conditions!

Rick said...

Thanks, guys and gals. It's great to have y'all along for the ride and support! You all rock!