Sunday, February 17, 2008

Major Race-Finish Shout-Outs!

I mentioned in my long run post a couple back of my online running buddie's awesome race finishes 02/16/08. First off, Tim's incredible first half marathon finish at the Run the Reagan half marathon race in 1:55:46, which is amazing for a first time half. Way to go Tim! Here's a pic of him coming to the finish line in black and white in the pic below.

Then, there is the awesome first marathon finish of Marion who ran an official time of 4:09:45 in her inaugural marathon at the Myrtle Beach Marathon. That's an average pace of 9:32 minutes/mile for 26.2 miles! I can only hope to do nearly as well as her in my first marathon and will be grateful to simply finish! Amazing race, Mar! Here's a pic of Marion nearing the finish line of her marathon. I am so proud of you my running friend!

So much time and training went in to both of these individual's races and they are both such awesome stories of determination and dedication! Congratulations to both of you! Enjoy your well-deserved time of rest and revel in what you have just accomplished!


Tim Wilson said...

Thanks for the shout out Rick!

Mar said...

Thank ya, Rick!!
Still waiting (impatiently) for brightroom to get the course photos up...

Going for my first 'post marathon' run today. It didn't hurt to wiggle my feet this morning so I'm getting back to it!:)