Saturday, February 23, 2008



Miles: 20
Duration: 3:18:00
Avg. Pace: 9:54 minute/mile
Calories burned: 2,789

I had the first of three 20 mile runs scheduled for today. After the fiasco that was my long 19 mile run last Saturday I was not looking forward to this run. Also, as I've said in a couple of recent posts, for the past couple of weeks my right lower leg has been killing me on runs and I have been having knee pain as well. It's nothing that's keeps me from running, I am just running in pain. Not the zen running experience anyone would care for.

I kinda slept in cause we attended a wine tasting party at our friend's, Jeremy and Cindy's, home last evening which was an absolute marvelous time. There were I think 7 couples there, each of which brought a bottle of wine, either a favorite or one that caught their eye, for everyone to try without the knowledge of what it was. There was also an array of appetizers that would make any restaurant chef's heart swoon. Everything was delicious, a few gems of wines that I liked, and just a great time of fellowship with some awesome people and hosts! Thanks, Jeremy and Cindy!

Anyway, I got up about 8:15, got the coffee going and made a bowl of oatmeal. Swirled that with some honey, had my coffee and oatmeal, and got dressed and ready to head out. Had a bit of water and, off I went. It was an absolutely beautiful morning starting out about 14 degrees, but bright sunshiny and clear skies and very little wind to speak of. Absolutely perfect for running. I took with me a 10 oz. bottle of water and three gel packs. I left my bottle of water at the print shop that Tammy works at on my way out, picked it up around mile 6 after having a gel at mile 5, and carried it with me the rest of the way on my run. I had another gel at miles 10 and 15, both followed by some water with a couple ounces left for the tail end of my run.

The first 5 miles were very smooth and I had no issues whatsoever. I was maintaining a 10:00 minute-ish/mile pace which I had intended to do. I went out entirely too fast early in my run last week which killed me toward the end. Miles 5 - 10 my left knee and right lower legs were hurting a bit, but nothing like what I have experienced in the past week or so. I would attribute this to my slower pace and just trying to take it easier. Miles 10 - 15 I could tell I was beginning to tire, as in my leg muscles. This fatigue, I thought, was a by-product of having run a 10 miler just yesterday afternoon. I just tried to maintain my pace. Miles 15 - 20 were pretty tough. I got progressively more fatigued and my low back and hips were starting to hurt as well. I just again focused on maintaining my pace and on the mile countdown to the finish. It's so encouraging when you get inside 5 miles to go and you know you can finish your run ok at that point. Not that you aren't hurting or anything, but you know that barring a major catastrophe, you're good to go to finish. Your legs just kind of go on auto-pilot and, at times, I feel like I really can't even feel them after all that running.

I tried to do the ice bath thing after stretching and hydrating when I got home, but I am a major wussy when it comes to stuff like that. Come on people, I'm a firefighter, not an Artic-Explorer for gosh sakes! For the few minutes that I could tolerate it, I think it did help, but my feet were so cold they were hurting. It did feel good on my legs, knees, and hips though... not so much on my tush or other parts! :-X So, I only managed to sit in the frigid water for like 3 minutes and I think it is recommended to stay in for 10 -15. Yea... NO.

So, overall a good long run and, once again... my longest run EVER to date! Woohoo! I have two more scheduled runs of this length before the marathon, but nothing longer, unless I decide to stretch one of them a bit, which is not likely. And this ends my highest weekly mileage week ever as well at 50 miles!

Here's the split times for those that are interested and my log entry should anyone care to peek.


1: 9:52
2: 9:58
3: 10:04
4: 10:02
5: 10:03
6: 9:55
7: 9:58
8: 10:02
9: 10:02
10: 10:10
11: 9:57
12: 9:56
13: 9:52
14: 9:53
15: 9:49
16: 9:46
17: 9:57
18: 9:50
19: 9:38
20: 9:15

Heading out to our local highschool's production of Grease this evening. They usually put on some great productions for a highschool program and Lindsey was in the one they put on last year, Seussical, The Musical. It was awesome so, I expect this one will be as well.

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Jennifer said...

wow! all in all that was a great 20 miler, in spite of your pain! great splits times and nice even pace. How are ya feeling today? Those Friday longish runs right before your LSR, will really pay off. 30 miles in 24 hours...that's what it takes! Way to stick it out!

I'll be praying your aches and pains go away.