Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bettyjo Zachrich

My manager's wife, Bettyjo, was to have had a cervical spine vertebral fusion before Easter last year. There were complications in the surgery in which a metal disc that was placed in her neck ended up eroding a hole in her esophagus allowing ingested matter to leak out her neck. Several weeks after the surgery they finally found what had happened and she has essentially been on a feeding tube ever since. She has battled infection and had one or two subsequent surgeries on her neck and even underwent hyperbaric chamber treatments recently in order to try and get the still existing wound in her neck/espophagus to heal. Everything has failed to date.

Bob, my manager, and Bettyjo traveled to Cleveland yesterday and are to see an ENT surgical specialist at the Cleveland Clinic who specializes in rebuilding the esophagus of esophagial cancer patients for either evaluation or pre-op examination for possible reconstruction of her esophagus. The Zachrich family, Bob and Bettyjo, and daughters, Brenda and Emily (who are very close in age to my girls), have understatedly been through a mountain of trials over the past 10 months or so. I just wanted to let them know that I, and many of my friends and family in the Toledo-area and more, are thinking about them and their family today and praying that this surgeon will be able to help Bettyjo in her recovery. May God bless you Zachrich family and restore you, Bettyjo. You are in my prayers.

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Mar said...

Bettyjo and her family are in my thoughts. I hope she is able to get well soon.