Friday, January 11, 2008

14 Mile Long Run

Today was not my regularly scheduled long run day, but as I had mentioned in a prior post and the last, I am now registered for a 10 mile race on Sunday and I didn't want to do a long run the day before. So, I laced em up this morning and headed out for my scheduled 14 mile long run. It was windy... very windy.

I've had some friends ask me what I do on these long runs (other than run of course) to keep from going nuts running for 2+ hours. Well, I do run with an am/fm radio (no cool mp3 player or iPod) and listen to classic rock and I wish I had some cool transcendental meditation experience or meeting with God in lots of meaningful prayer kind of answer but, the truth is I don't. So, as I was running today, I thought that I would just summarize some of the thoughts I was having while on my run. Lets see... I'll do this in mile stages... so here's some of what passed through my head today:

Miles 0 - 3.5:

  • Boy, my legs feel like they are cast in concrete today, am I going to be able to do this?!?
  • MAN is it windy, this sucks!
  • Hey I think that was my father in law that just drove by
  • That squirrel's smooshed about as flat as I've ever seen
  • MAN is it windy, this sucks!
  • Well, at least it's like 40F and not bitter cold
  • Marathon race conditions might be this bad or worse so quit whining and run
  • Pacing, keep pacing

Miles 3.5 - 8.5:

  • Cool, running with the wind all I have to do is lift my legs and I get blown forward
  • So when should I eat my Shot Block?
  • I think somewhere around mile 7
  • I really like this running with the wind
  • Eat your Shot Block
  • HEY, since when is "Every Breath You Take" classic ROCK?!? I like The Police and all, but this song is LAME for classic rock!
  • I don't think I like these Shot Blocks, I like the gels/GU better for nutrition on the run
  • Running with the wind ROCKS! Oh crap, I have to turn a corner.

Miles 8.5 - 11.5:

  • I wish this Shot Block would dissolve out of my teeth already
  • Man, running into the wind really sucks
  • Hey, it would be really cool if Denise could somehow get Cassy up here for the race. I wonder if that would be possible?
  • What about Make a Wish?
  • Can Cassy even fly? I'm not sure.
  • Would Denise be able to get time off for this?
  • I'm getting kinda tired
  • Maybe my company would sponser Cassy to come up for this
  • Would it be too cold for her to be at the race
  • I wish this darn Shot Block would dissolve off my teeth already!
  • Wow, it would be really cool is she were here to push her for like that last 1.2 miles across the finish line
  • Running into this nasty headwind really is getting on my nerves
  • I think I could puke if I went any faster
  • Aww, cool! "Come Sail Away" by Styx! What a great song to run to
  • I'm tired and my thighs are toast and my feet are starting to hurt
  • This wind STINKS!
  • "Take it Easy"... yea right! I love the Eagles but this song doesn't fit at all

Miles 11.5 - 14

  • Thank goodness! A tailwind for the finish of my run
  • Man my legs are tired
  • My feet are getting sore too
  • Stop whining and finish this up, only 2 more miles!
  • I think I could puke
  • Wow that new house is big!
  • I can't wait to wear my new shoes on a short, easy, recovery run tomorrow
  • Thank God for tailwinds on a run finish!
  • Almost there now
  • Pacing, keep your pacing
  • I'm hungry and thirsty
  • Just a little further
  • I am sooooo tired
  • This is only slightly over HALF of what I have to run in April!
  • Sooo close
  • Keep pacing
  • Whew! Finally, done. Thank you Lord!

So, that's just a smidge of some of the random stuff that runs through my head on a long run. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Rick, I just wanted to write you a little note and let you know how blessed I am to have met two wonderful people like you and Tammy, keep up the hard work, your determination alway pays off....Keep running by the house so I can yell how crazy you are at you...Love ya guys..Cindy

Mar said...

You're killing me! Love this post!! I think Santa needs to bring you an early Christmas present. Rick needs an iPod!!! I think your squirrel left his cousin on the side of the road here in SC. I could see the road coming through him....blech!

I haven't tried the blocks yet. I stick with the sport beans but yeah, they get stuck too. I try to guzzle lots of water to help it down but it doesn't always do the job:)

Great job on your run.Can't wait to hear how your race goes tomorrow!!

Rick said...

Thanks for swinging by Cindy and for leaving me a note! I do so appeciate it and the love and support of you and Jeremy. We love you guys a ton too!

Mar, I'm ok with the radio although, an iPod would be kewl. Yea, I wasn't a fan of the Shot Blocks. They're like coagulated (sp) jam. I've had the beans and those are ok, but I prefer the gels so far. I don't know how well speed-wise the race will go. I've put a lot of miles on this week! Thanks again for the encouragement. I appreciate your comments!