Monday, January 21, 2008

Fine Dining by Lindsey

Chelsea and Lindsey had the day off school today for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so Lindsey insisted on making dinner for us. Chels had to work so, she wasn't able to partake in the fine dining in our home this evening. Linds had gotten a Rachel Ray, one of her favorite cooks, cookbook from family friend, Carol, her surrogate Nana, as a late Christmas present. Being the eager beaver that she is, she wanted to get right on trying out some of the recipes. She made Tammy and I Penne Pasta with Big Belly Portobello Sauce which consisted of penne pasta (ya think, Rick?!?), garlic, crushed red pepper, portobello mushrooms, crushed tomatoes, chopped parsley, and parmigiano reggiano cheese. She served a lovely home made Caesar salad, along with a white zinfandel wine along with the main dish. I thought it was fabulous! Lindsey didn't care for it as she didn't like the parsley in it. We did decide that it would probably be better to substitute basil for the parsley and add a bit of sugar to cut the bite and tartness of the crushed tomatoes a hair. Thanks for the great meal Linds and your thoughtfulness. I know mom appreciated the evening off from preparing a meal and I thought it was just great! ;-)


Mar said...

Good job, Lindsey!

Maybe she can teach me a few things. That looks delicious!

Sara McCarty said...

Oh, that looks so good! I'm sure you can appreciate how hungry this marathon training makes me ALL THE TIME. I really need to get one of those Rachael Ray cookbooks. That sounds like a great high carb vegetarian meal. Tell Lindsey to keep up the good work.

**And the magic ingredient you're looking for is Splenda. One tiny packet will seriously cut down on the tartness/bitterness of any tomato-based sauce/soup/dip. I swear by the stuff. (I'm going to be a chef when I grow up.)

Rick said...

The Sara, The Lawless Chef! HA! Good moniker, don't you think? I had thought about culinary school at one point. I'd probably be over 300 lbs. by now had I followed that path!